A Review of Skin Ageing and its Medical Therapy
CD44 Expression in Melanocytic Lesions: A Marker of Malignant Progression?
Immunoreactivity of Glycoprotein IIb is Present in Metastasized but not in Non-metastasized Primary Malignant Melanoma
Investigation of the Influence of Extracellular Matrix Proteins on Normal Human Melanocyte Morphology and Melanogenic Activity
Expression of Platelet-derived Growth Factor (PDGF)-A, PDGF-B and the PDGF-alpha Receptor, but not the PDGF-beta Receptor, in Human Malignant Melanoma in vivo
Cathepsin B and D Expression in Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Excision of Selected Skin Tumours using Mohs' Micrographic Surgery with Horizontal Paraffin-embedded Sections
Role of Endothelin-1 in Hyperpigmentation in Seborrhoeic Keratosis
`Angry Back Syndrome': A Non-reproducible Phenomenon
Reactivity of Tixocortol Pivalate-positive Patients in Intradermal and Oral Provocation Tests
The Role of Circulating Food Antigen-specific Lymphocytes in Food Allergic Children with Atopic Dermatitis
Effects of Interleukins, Colony-stimulating Factor and Tumour Necrosis Factor on Human Hair Follicle Growth in vitro: A Possible Role for Interleukin-1 and Tumour Necrosis Factor-α in Alopecia Areata
Surface Dosimetry in Phototherapy: Comparison of Three Ultraviolet B Lamps used in the Treatment of Psoriasis
Tinea Capitis in South-east London — A new Pattern of Infection with Public Health Implications
Handicap in Darier's Disease and Hailey-Hailey Disease
Copper Vapour Laser Treatment of Café-au-lait Macules
A new Method of Intralesional Bleomycin Therapy in the Treatment of Recalcitrant Warts
Recurrent Annular Erythema with Purpura: A New Variant of Leucocytoclastic Vasculitis Responsive to Dapsone
Clinical and Pathological Heterogeneity in Cutaneous Gamma—delta T-cell Lymphoma: A Report of Three Cases and a Review of the Literature
Bacillary Angiomatosis in an HIV Seronegative Patient on Systemic Steroid Therapy
Cryotherapy of PUVA Lentigines
Vulvitis Circumscripta Plasmacellularis (Zoon's Vulvitis) Associated with Autoimmune Polyglandular Endocrine Failure
Woody Hands in a Patient with Pancreatic Carcinoma: A Variant of Cancer-associated Fasciitis-panniculitis Syndrome
Photo-induced Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Caused by Clobazam
Retinoids and Hyperostosis
Reply:Retinoids and Hyperostosis
Is Methotrexate Liver Toxicity Modest Worldwide?
Reply:Is Methotrexate Liver Toxicity Modest Worldwide?
Linear IgA Dermatosis with IgA Antibodies to Type VII Collagen
Reply:Linear IgA Dermatosis with IgA Antibodies to type VII Collagen
Leishmania Infection Occurring in Herpes Zoster Lesions in an HIV Positive Patient
Reply: Leishmania Infection Occurring in Herpes Zoster Lesions in an HIV Positive Patient
Linear IgA Bullous Dermatosis Limited to the Seborrhoeic regions
Chronic Graft-versus-host Disease: Successful Treatment with Extracorporeal Photochemotherapy: A Follow-up
Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection — Type 6 Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris?
Herpesvirus-like DNA Sequences in Classic Kaposi's Sarcoma and Angiosarcoma in Japan
Trichophyton Mentagrophytes Kerion in a Woman
Efficacy of Terbinafine Treatment of Tinea Capitis in Children Varies according to the Dermatophyte Species
Mycosis Fungoides with Onychomadesis
Alopecia Areata in a Patient with Turner's Syndrome
Is Contact Allergy to Toluene Sulphonamide-formaldehyde Resin Common?
The Topical Application of Resorcinol can Provoke a Systemic Allergic Reaction
Leucocytoclastic Vasculitis after Coronary Bypass Artery Grafting
Urticarial Vasculitis
Borrowing from Museums and Industry: Two Photoprotective Devices
Medical History from the Journal
Dermatologic Surgery: Textbook and Atlas.
Atlas of Cutaneous Surgery.
Colour Textbook of Pediatric Dermatology,
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