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Regulation of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) expression in cutis laxa fibroblasts: upregulation of MMP-1, MMP-3 and MMP-9 genes but not of the MMP-2 gene
Moesin and CD44 expression in cutaneous melanocytic tumours
Inducible nitric oxide synthase is expressed in granuloma pyogenicum
Is CD30 (Ki-1) immunostaining in cutaneous eruptions useful as a marker of Th1 to Th2 cytokine switching and/or as a marker of advanced HIV-1 disease?
Immobilization-induced and crowded environment-induced stress delay barrier recovery in murine skin
Antigen-presenting cell function of epidermal cells activated by hapten application
A possible role for Langerhans cells in the removal of melanin from early catagen hair follicles
Tufted folliculitis of the scalp: a distinctive clinicohistological variant of folliculitis decalvans
Effects of H1 antagonists on the cutaneous vascular response to histamine and bradykinin: a study using scanning laser Doppler imaging
Dermal oedema assessed by high frequency ultrasound in venous leg ulcers
Facial port wine stains in childhood: prediction of the rate of improvement as a function of the age of the patient, size and location of the port wine stain and the number of treatments with the pulsed dye (585 nm) laser
Facultative skin pigmentation in caucasians: an objective biological indicator of lifetime exposure to ultraviolet radiation?
Narrow-band (TL-01) ultraviolet B phototherapy for chronic plaque psoriasis: three times or five times weekly treatment?
The prevalence of common skin conditions in Australian school students: 1. Common, plane and plantar viral warts
Cyclic adenosine monophosphate phosphodiesterase activity in peripheral blood mononuclear leucocytes from patients with atopic dermatitis: correlation with respiratory atopy
A novel culturing and grafting system for the treatment of leg ulcers
Frameshift mutations in the type VII collagen gene (COL7A1) in five Mexican cousins with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa
180-kDa bullous pemphigoid antigen defective generalized atrophic benign epidermolysis bullosa: report of four cases with an unusually mild phenotype
Bullous pemphigoid associated with acute glomerulonephritis
Multiple widespread eruptive Spitz naevi
Acantholytic dyskeratotic epidermal naevus localized unilaterally in the cutaneous and genital areas
Eccrine syringofibroadenomatosis associated with hidrotic ectodermal dysplasia
Photosensitivity associated with the Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
Dermatomyositis presenting as plaque-like mucinosis
Peripheral ulcerative keratitis associated with erythema elevatum diutinum and a positive rheumatoid factor: a report of three cases
Food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis: a case related to the amount of food allergen ingested
Spinulosis of the face as a manifestation of demodicidosis
Mosaic expression of uncein, linear IgA bullous dermatosis antigen and 180-kDa bullous pemphigoid antigen in generalized atrophic benign epidermolysis bullosa
Severe mosquito bite hypersensitivity, natural killer cell leukaemia, latent or chronic active Epstein-Barr virus infection and hydroa vacciniforme-like eruption
Urticaria as a presentation of adult Still's disease
Dermatological survey of HIV seropositive Japanese patients
Langerhans cell histiocytosis and thyroid carcinoma
Angiosarcoma complicating Hallopeau-Siemens-type hereditary epidermolysis bullosa
Congenital linear tufted angioma with spontaneous regression
Darier's disease with hypopigmented macules
Extramammary Paget's disease involving the external ear
Hypoparathyroidism and sarcoidosis
The diagnosis of psoriasis: diagnostic criteria
The variation of serum lipoprotein (a) level with disease activity in psoriasis
Reticulated purpura occurring with contrast medium after hysterosalpingography
Identification of dimenhydrinate as the causative agent in fixed drug eruption using patch-testing in previously affected skin
Lichen simplex chronicus as a complication of herpes zoster
Acquired linear anetoderma following angular cheilitis
Ruby laser treatment for hyperpigmentation after cytotoxic therapy for AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma
Severe therapy-resistant necrotizing vasculitis associated with hepatitis C virus infection: successful treatment of the vasculitis with extracorporeal immunoadsorption
Treatment of aquagenic pruritus with alcohol
Dermatology in Emergency Care.
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