Sunscreens and immune protection
HID and KID syndromes are associated with the same connexin 26 mutation
Invasion of human keratinocytes by Staphylococcus aureus and intracellular bacterial persistence represent haemolysin-independent virulence mechanisms that are followed by features of necrotic and apoptotic keratinocyte cell death
Diagnosis and confirmation of epidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma by the identification of mutations in keratin 9 using denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography
Mutation analysis of the ATP2A2 gene in Taiwanese patients with Darier's disease
Liposomal tacrolimus lotion as a novel topical agent for treatment of immune-mediated skin disorders: experimental studies in a murine model
Formation of cornified cell envelope in human hair follicle development
Biochemical and histochemical changes pertaining to active and healed cutaneous tuberculosis
Topical corticosteroid therapy for acute radiation dermatitis: a prospective, randomized, double-blind study
Effects of minoxidil 2% vs. cyproterone acetate treatment on female androgenetic alopecia: a controlled, 12-month randomized trial
Photodynamic therapy for the treatment of extramammary Paget's disease
Quality of life in 6497 Nordic patients with psoriasis
Diet and basal cell skin cancer: results from the EPIC–Norfolk cohort
A new computerized methodology to analyse tumour site in relation to phenotypic traits and epidemiological characteristics of cutaneous malignant melanoma
Psychological factors associated with hand dermatoses: which subgroup needs additional psychological care?
Yeasts of the genus Candida are the dominant cause of onychomycosis in Libyan women but not men: results of a 2-year surveillance study
A retrospective study of 150 patients with lentigo maligna and lentigo maligna melanoma and the efficacy of radiotherapy using Grenz or soft X-rays
Comparative frequency of patch test reactions to topical antibiotics
Differences of skin irritation between Japanese and European women
Reliability testing of the Six Area, Six Sign Atopic Dermatitis severity score
Generalized pustular and erythrodermic psoriasis associated with bupropion treatment
Systemic itraconazole in the yellow nail syndrome
Multiple basaloid follicular hamartomas associated with acrochordons, seborrhoeic keratoses and chondrosarcoma
Brittle nails and dyspareunia as first clues to recurrences of malignant glucagonoma
Progressive extensive osteoma cutis associated with dysmorphic features: a new syndrome? Case report and review of the literature
Generalized lichen nitidus successfully treated with an antituberculous agent
A case of linear scleroderma with muscle calcification
Lymphocytic infiltrates as a presenting feature of Sweet's syndrome with myelodysplasia and response to cyclophosphamide
CD30-positive cutaneous T-cell lymphoma with concurrent solid tumour
T-zone lymphoma with cutaneous involvement: a case report and review of the literature
Citric acid treatment of non-healing ulcers in leprosy patients
Mycosis fungoides mimicking granuloma annulare
Loss of β-catenin expression is associated with disease progression in malignant melanoma
Anti-laminin 5 pemphigoid and acquired haemophilia
Unilateral Darier's disease complicated by Kaposi's varicelliform eruption limited to the affected skin
Cholesterol embolism: an often unrecognized cause of leg ulcers
Familial mycosis fungoides
Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy of common warts: cryo-spray vs. cotton wool bud
Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy of common warts: cryo-spray vs. cotton wool bud: reply from authors
Absence of t(14,18) chromosomal translocation in primary cutaneous B-cell lymphoma
Absence of the t(14; 18) chromosomal translocation in primary cutaneous B-cell lymphoma: reply from authors
Thalidomide and sexual dysfunction in men
Hypersensitivity to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and chronic urticaria cured by treatment of Blastocystis hominis infection
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