Intractable livedoid vasculopathy successfully treated with hyperbaric oxygen

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We describe a new method for treating livedoid vasculopathy. The typical presentation of livedoid vasculopathy includes chronic, recurrent painful ulcers, satellite scar-like atrophy and telangiectasia involving the lower extremities. Histologically, these lesions show areas of ulceration and dermal vessel occlusion without frank inflammatory cell infiltration. There is currently no satisfactory therapy available for this disease. Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) has recently established itself as one of the most effective methods of treating ischaemic wounds, including diabetic ulcers. We used this therapy in two patients whose lesions were resistant to multiple therapeutic modalities. Not only did their ulcers respond rapidly to the HBO therapy, but the disturbing wound pain also resolved at the same time. To our knowledge, this is the first successful trial of HBO therapy in livedoid vasculopathy. We believe this to be a very promising new therapy for livedoid vasculopathy and to be worth further investigation.

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