The role of mast cells in atopy
Updates from the Fourth International Congress Psoriasis
Infrared exposure induces an angiogenic switch in human skin that is partially mediated by heat
Case–control study in basal cell carcinoma of the skin
Effect of small interfering RNA on the expression of connective tissue growth factor and type I and III collagen in skin fibroblasts of patients with systemic sclerosis
Epigenetic silencing contributes to frequent loss of the fragile histidine triad tumour suppressor in basal cell carcinomas
Arteriographic evaluation of vascular changes of the extremities in patients with systemic sclerosis
Plasma homocysteine and folate levels in patients with chronic plaque psoriasis
Ethnic characteristics of eyelashes
A novel imaging technique as an adjunct to the in vivo diagnosis of nonmelanoma skin cancer
Ectodermal dysplasia of hair and nail type
Downregulation of the inhibitor of apoptosis protein survivin in keratinocytes and endothelial cells in psoriasis skin following infliximab therapy
Intralesional and intravenous treatment of cutaneous B-cell lymphomas with the monoclonal anti-CD20 antibody rituximab
Genome-wide scan identifies a susceptibility locus for familial primary cutaneous amyloidosis on chromosome 5p13.1-q11.2
Trichophyton species
Assessment of severity of hand eczema
Association of p53 Arg72Pro polymorphism and β-catenin accumulation in mycosis fungoides
Cochrane Skin Group systematic reviews are more methodologically rigorous than other systematic reviews in dermatology
Trade-offs between the benefits and risks of drug treatment for psoriasis
Nurse-led clinics reduce severity of childhood atopic eczema
An audit of the impact of a consultation with a paediatric dermatology team on quality of life in infants with atopic eczema and their families
Prospective, randomized controlled trial on Lactobacillus rhamnosus in infants with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis
Photodynamic therapy using aminolaevulinic acid for patients with nonhyperkeratotic actinic keratoses of the face and scalp
Cellular adhesion molecules in chronic urticaria
Changes of antimicrobial peptide mRNA expression in atopic eczema following phototherapy
Desloratadine in combination with montelukast suppresses the dermographometer challenge test papule, and is effective in the treatment of delayed pressure urticaria
A child with laryngo-onychocutaneous syndrome partially responsive to treatment with thalidomide
In situ photoimmunotherapy
Erlotinib-associated skin reactions – case report and proposal for classification
Cinacalcet as an adjunct in the successful treatment of calciphylaxis
Community pharmacists' role in managing common skin problems
Community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
A surgical treatment for anxiety-triggered palmar hyperhidrosis is not unlike treating tearfulness in major depression by severing the nerves to the lacrimal glands
Immotile acral melanocytes?
Nickel-containing coins
New mutations of KIT gene in two Chinese patients with piebaldism
‘The Scream’ relocated by skin histopathology
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