Methyl aminolaevulinate–photodynamic therapy : a review of clinical trials in the treatment of actinic keratoses and nonmelanoma skin cancer
Updates from the British Association of Dermatologists 86th Annual Meeting, 4–7 July 2006, Manchester, U.K.
S-nitrosoglutathione-containing hydrogel increases dermal blood flow in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Stromal fibroblasts from basal cell carcinoma affect phenotype of normal keratinocytes
Inhibition of T helper 2 chemokine production by narrowband ultraviolet B in cultured keratinocytes
Dimethylfumarate inhibits nuclear binding of nuclear factor κB but not of nuclear factor of activated T cells and CCAAT/enhancer binding protein β in activated human T cells
Effect of ultraviolet (UV) A, UVB or ionizing radiation on the cell cycle of human melanoma cells
Novel function of DUSP14/MKP6 (dual specific phosphatase 14) as a nonspecific regulatory molecule for delayed-type hypersensitivity
Localized and generalized forms of blistering in junctional epidermolysis bullosa due to COL17A1 mutations in the Netherlands
Squamous cell carcinoma of the nail apparatus : clinicopathological study of 35 cases
Aberrant human tissue kallikrein levels in the stratum corneum and serum of patients with psoriasis : dependence on phenotype, severity and therapy
Establishment of a mouse skin model of the lichenification in human chronic eczematous dermatitis
Assessment of nailfold capillaroscopy by × 30 digital epiluminescence (dermoscopy) in patients with Raynaud phenomenon
Cytokine gene polymorphisms in Chinese patients with psoriasis
Olopatadine hydrochloride accelerates the recovery of skin barrier function in mice
Cost-effectiveness of tacrolimus ointment vs. standard treatment in patients with moderate and severe atopic dermatitis : a health-economic model simulation based on a patient survey and clinical trial data
Reliability of self-reported willingness-to-pay and annual income in patients treated for toenail onychomycosis
The family impact of skin diseases : the Greater Patient concept
Factors associated with a high tumour thickness in patients with melanoma
The Dermatology Life Quality Index : assessing the efficacy of biological therapies for psoriasis
Significant downregulation of transforming growth factor-β signal transducers in human skin following ultraviolet-A1 irradiation
Protection from photodamage by topical application of caffeine after ultraviolet irradiation
Oral liarozole vs. acitretin in the treatment of ichthyosis : a phase II/III multicentre, double-blind, randomized, active-controlled study
Single application of a fluorescent test cream by healthy volunteers : assessment of treated and neglected body sites
Low basal serum cortisol in patients with severe atopic dermatitis : potent topical corticosteroids wrongfully accused
Treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis with botulinum toxin type A reconstituted in lidocaine or in normal saline : a randomized, side-by-side, double-blind study
Rituximab in the adjuvant treatment of pemphigus vulgaris : a prospective open-label pilot study in five patients
Evaluation of efficacy and safety of rucinol serum in patients with melasma : a randomized controlled trial
Is minocycline therapy in acne associated with antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody positivity? A cross-sectional study
Two years of experience with etanercept in recalcitrant psoriasis
Keratitis–ichthyosis–deafness syndrome : disease expression and spectrum of connexin 26 (GJB2) mutations in 14 patients
Topical pimecrolimus and tacrolimus transiently induce neuropeptide release and mast cell degranulation in murine skin
Ultrastructural features of ichthyosis hystrix strongly resembling Lambert type
Sclerodermatous graft-versus-host disease : clinical spectrum and therapeutic challenges
Complete response of deep neutrophilic dermatosis associated with myelodysplastic syndrome to 5-azacytidine
A novel H1 domain mutation in the keratin 2 gene in a Japanese family with ichthyosis bullosa of Siemens
Audit of erythema in patients with psoriasis undergoing phototherapy with narrowband (TL-01) ultraviolet B : impact of the introduction of a comprehensive erythema-reporting protocol
Oral adverse effects for escitalopram (Cipralex®)
Unilateral cutaneous heterotopic meningeal nodules with neural, smooth muscle and connective tissue hamartomas : a field defect of cephalic neural crest-derived tissues
Ulcerated haemangioma of infancy : a retrospective review of 47 patients
Fibrous hamartoma of infancy in a patient with Williams syndrome
Type II adult-onset pityriasis rubra pilaris successfully treated with intravenous immunoglobulin
Angio-oedema induced by bicycling
High-dose intravenous immunoglobulin infusion as treatment for diffuse scleroderma
Development of a diagnostic role for a clinical nurse specialist
Sclerodermoid graft-versus-host disease-like lesions occurring after drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome
A case of hereditary angio-oedema type III presenting with C1-inhibitor cleavage and a missense mutation in the F12 gene
Coexistence of sacral dimple, solitary collagenoma and mid-dorsal hypertrichosis in a child with occult spinal dysraphism
Two patients with localized epidermolysis bullosa acquisita : diagnostic value of laser scanning confocal microscopy
An infant with extensive Mongolian spot, naevus flammeus and cutis marmorata telangiectatica congenita : a unique case of phakomatosis pigmentovascularis
Nail bed lichen planus associated with onychopapilloma
Schnitzler syndrome : a case report of successful treatment using the anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody rituximab
Class I and class II major histocompatibility complex genes in Mexican patients with actinic prurigo
Anti-p200 pemphigoid in a 17-year-old girl successfully treated with systemic corticosteroid and dapsone
Multifocal distribution of cutaneous human papillomavirus types in hairs from different skin areas
Sunscreens and thyroid function in humans after short-term whole-body topical application : a single-blinded study
The diagnosis of a DRESS syndrome has been sufficiently established on the basis of typical clinical features and viral reactivations
A case of herpes zoster in a child with congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis
Life imitating art
An unusual terminal hair growth on the nose tip associated with gefitinib therapy
Milia and cutaneous leishmaniasis
Type 2 segmental Cowden disease vs. Proteus syndrome
Elevated triglyceride and cholesterol levels after intravenous antitumour necrosis factor-α therapy in a patient with psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis vulgaris
News and Notices
Intradermal injection of allogeneic normal human fibroblasts promotes type VII collagen deposition at the dermal-epidermal junction in individuals with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa : O1
Human dermal fibroblasts ameliorate in vitro graft-versus-host reactions and are functionally indistinguishable from bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells : O2
Location, mobility and secretion of cyclophilin B in keratinocytes is regulated through its ciclosporin A binding site : O3
Keratinocyte apoptosis induced by allergen-specific T cells : O4
Langerhans cell migration provoked by interleukin-1β proceeds normally in uninvolved skin of patients with late-onset psoriasis : O5
Early changes in draining lymph node cell activation following topical exposure to chemical contact and respiratory allergens : O6
Acidified nitrite speeds wound healing in diabetic and nondiabetic mice : O7
The R381Q variant of the interleukin-23 receptor gene IL23R) confers protection against psoriasis vulgaris : O8
The effect of pachyonychia congenita type 1 mutations in keratinocyte adhesion and desmosome formation and associated signal transduction : O9
Analysis of wild-type and mutant connexin 31 reveals nongap junction functions and altered cell signalling : O10
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in adenosine receptors and response to methotrexate therapy in psoriasis : O11
A proteomic approach to identify targets of LEKTI - a protein implicated in the barrier function of the skin : O12
Allelic imbalances and microdeletions affecting the PTPRD gene in cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas detected usingsingle nucleotide polymorphism microarray analysis : O13
Ultraviolet B radiation upregulates arginase in human epidermis via a nitric oxide-dependent pathway : O14
Ultraviolet A induces rapid photolysis of nitric oxide stores in human skin : O15
Epidermal AKT signalling regulates SREBP transcription epidermal lipogenesis and skin barrier activity : O16
Ultraviolet irradiation directly influences the structure of fibrillin microfibrils : O17
How ‘atopic’ is flexural eczema? Findings from the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC) Phase 2 : O18
A comprehensive survey of 28 candidate genes for atopic dermatitis using a hapTAG approach in a unique Bangladeshi population of East London : O19
Regular antihelminthic therapy increases allergen skin sensitization : a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in Vietnam
The role of type VII collagen in squamous cell carcinoma invasion in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa : O21
Combining endoplasmic reticulum stress-inducing agents with protein disulphide isomerase inhibitors as a novel therapeutic strategy for metastatic melanoma : O22
RANK is a regulator of keratinocyte growth and apoptosis : potential role in cutaneous malignancy
Defining the role of B-RAF-induced extracellular signal-related kinase in the resistance of metastatic melanoma to apoptosis : O24
Telomerase-dependent protection of mitochondrial DNA in response to oxidative stress : P1
Cell-penetrable peptide-based delivery of oligonucleotide antisense/peptide nucleic acid directed against tyrosinase : P2
Lithium inhibits the transcriptional activation, mRNA and protein expression of transglutaminase 1 in keratinocytes : P3
Unusual clinical and molecular findings in Kindler syndrome : P4
The role of human keratinocytes in T-cell activation : P5
The effect of acute social stress on cutaneous T-cell trafficking : P6
Seborrhoeic warts are the benign cutaneous change most associated with skin cancer in renal transplant recipients : P7
Erythemal sensitivity does not predict ultraviolet B-induced epidermal CD1a+ Langerhans cell loss or caspase-3 activation in polymorphic light eruption : P8
Ultraviolet radiation activates the transcription factor NFAT and derivation of the action spectrum for NFAT activation : P10
Characterization of IL-1F9 activity in human keratinocytes : P11
The effect of repeated low doses of solar-simulated radiation on immune responses in human skin : P12
International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC) Phase 1 and 3 Study Groups : P13
Cutaneous human papillomavirus early genes downregulate serine phosphorylated Akt1 while upregulating Akt2 expression : P14
Identification of the molecular signatures in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma excised from patients with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa by using integrated genomic techniques : P15
Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the PTPN22 gene region and type I psoriasis : P16
The α-melanocyte stimulating hormone analogues (NDP-αMSH, MTII, SHU 9119, KPV) suppress phytohaemagglutinin-induced lymphocyte proliferation in vitro : P17
Psoriasis shows no association with filaggrin-null alleles : P18
Nonmelanoma skin cancer and the DNA damage response : P19
Interventions for the prevention of nonmelanoma skin cancers in high-risk groups : P20
Multiple self-healing squamous epithelioma in different ethnic groups : more than a founder mutation disorder
Fast Fourier Transform signal analysis of accelerometer data to measure itch : P22
Immunomodulatory effects of schistosome cercarial interactions with human keratinocytes and Langerhans cells : P23
Ciprofloxacin-induced photosensitivity in human keratinocytes and fibroblasts : P24
Interventions to reduce Staphylococcus aureus for atopic eczema : P25
Epidermolysis bullosa in calves in the UK : P26