The optimal use of bexarotene in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
On the role of the epidermal differentiation complex in ichthyosis vulgaris, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis
Selective biodegradation in hair shafts derived from archaeological, forensic and experimental contexts
Impaired cutaneous wound healing in granulocyte/ macrophage colony-stimulating factor knockout mice
Serum chemokine profiles in patients with alopecia areata
Mite-related bacterial antigens stimulate inflammatory cells in rosacea
Reverse transcriptase activity in human normal and psoriatic skin samples
The vulval vestibular mucosa—morphological effects of oral contraceptives and menstrual cycle
Topical application of acidified nitrite to the nail renders it antifungal and causes nitrosation of cysteine groups in the nail plate
Molecular heterogeneity of familial porphyria cutanea tarda in Spain
The impact of changes in clinical severity on psychiatric morbidity in patients with psoriasis
Delayed-type hypersensitivity to low molecular weight heparins and heparinoids
Occupational dermatitis related to chromium and cobalt
p16ink4a expression decreases during imiquimod treatment of anal intraepithelial neoplasia in human immunodeficiency virus-infected men and correlates with the decline of lesional high-risk human papillomavirus DNA load
Evaluation of tumour-infiltrating CD4+CD25+FOXP3+ regulatory T cells in human cutaneous benign and atypical naevi, melanomas and melanoma metastases
Association or lack of association between tetracycline class antibiotics used for acne vulgaris and lupus erythematosus
Community-based study of acne vulgaris in adolescents in Singapore
Incidence of hand eczema in a population-based twin cohort
Extensive venous/lymphatic malformations causing life-threatening haematological complications
Intramuscular immunoglobulin for recalcitrant suppurative diseases of the skin
Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of a lotion containing triethyl citrate and ethyl linoleate in the treatment of acne vulgaris
Inhibition of tumour necrosis factor-α secretion from EpiDerm™ tissues by a novel small molecule, UTL-5d
Frequency of allergic contact dermatitis to isoeugenol is increasing
Increased lipopolysaccharide-induced tumour necrosis factor-α, interferon-γ and interleukin-10 production in atopic dermatitis
Chronic hepatitis B reactivation
Primary cutaneous marginal zone B-cell lymphoma in a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
Oral steroid improves bullous pemphigoid-like clinical manifestations in non-Herlitz junctional epidermolysis bullosa with COL17A1 mutation
Giant bathing trunk naevus with lymphadenopathy and unusual pathology
New KRT10 gene mutation underlying the annular variant of bullous congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma with clinical worsening during pregnancy
Recurrent p.N767S mutation in the ATP2A2 gene in a Japanese family with haemorrhagic Darier disease clinically mimicking epidermolysis bullosa simplex with mottled pigmentation
Neonatal follicular mucinosis
Recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa associated with dilated cardiomyopathy
A case of milium-like syringoma with focal calcification in Down syndrome
Coccygeal polypoid eccrine naevus
First case series on the use of calcipotriol–betamethasone dipropionate for morphoea
Systemic sclerosis in association with peristomal pyoderma gangrenosum
Actinic prurigo deterioration due to degradation of DermaGard® window film
Successful treatment of primary cutaneous follicle centre lymphoma with topical 5% imiquimod
Metastatic calcinosis cutis presenting as bilateral vulval cysts
Calcified subcutaneous nodules
Remission of photosensitivity following treatment of psoriasis vulgaris with tumour necrosis factor inhibitors
Recalcitrant lithium-induced psoriasis in a suicidal patient alleviated by tumour necrosis factor-α inhibition
Coexistence of two discordant B-cell lymphomas in the skin and lymph node
Cutaneous vasculitis and T-large granular lymphocyte leukaemia with parallel evolution
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