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Introducing cover image as a new category of publication in the BJD
EASI does it: a comparison of four eczema severity scales
Wounds and wound healing: new insights, fresh challenges
Skin equivalents for studying the secrets of skin: from development to disease
Omalizumab for chronic spontaneous urticaria: a boon for sufferers, but there are unanswered questions
Through the looking-glass, and what the dermatologist found there
microRNAs in psoriasis: leaders or followers?
Role for mast cells in Schnitzler's syndrome: here mast cells master a rash, too
The CC genotype of the ERCC1 C118T single-nucleotide polymorphism impacts positively on the efficacy of narrowband ultraviolet B therapy for vitiligo
Hidradenitis suppurativa and the metabolic syndrome
Psoriasis, depression and atrial fibrillation: listen to your heart
Does treatment with statins protect against psoriasis?
Oral nicorandil may induce skin ulcerations
Therapeutic insights from the British Association of Dermatologists Biologic Interventions Register
T regulatory cells in polymorphic light eruption
Living with vitiligo: development of a new vitiligo burden questionnaire is a step forward for outcomes consensus
Guidelines on the measurement of ultraviolet radiation levels in ultraviolet phototherapy: report issued by the British Association of Dermatologists and British Photodermatology Group 2015
Approach to chronic wound infections
Compression for leg wounds
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of repair in acute and chronic wound healing
Lower-extremity ulcers: diagnosis and management
Skin equivalents: skin from reconstructions as models to study skin development and diseases
Omalizumab in patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria: a systematic review and GRADE assessment
Endoplasmic reticulum-resident chaperones modulate the inflammatory and angiogenic responses of endothelial cells
The sensitivity and specificity of optical coherence tomography for the assisted diagnosis of nonpigmented basal cell carcinoma: an observational study
Changes in mRNA expression precede changes in microRNA expression in lesional psoriatic skin during treatment with adalimumab
Mast-cell interleukin-1β, neutrophil interleukin-17 and epidermal antimicrobial proteins in the neutrophilic urticarial dermatosis in Schnitzler's syndrome
A functional single-nucleotide polymorphism in the ERCC1 gene alters the efficacy of narrowband ultraviolet B therapy in patients with active vitiligo in a Chinese population
Hidradenitis suppurativa and metabolic syndrome: a comparative cross-sectional study of 3207 patients
Association between depression and risk of atrial fibrillation and stroke in patients with psoriasis: a Danish nationwide cohort study
Adherence to statins and the risk of psoriasis: a population-based cohort study
A pilot comparison study of four clinician-rated atopic dermatitis severity scales
Risk of skin ulcerations associated with oral nicorandil therapy: a population-based study
Demographics and disease characteristics of patients with psoriasis enrolled in the British Association of Dermatologists Biologic Interventions Register
Levels and function of regulatory T cells in patients with polymorphic light eruption: relation to photohardening
Efficacy of neoadjuvant cetuximab alone or with platinum salt for the treatment of unresectable advanced nonmetastatic cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas
Neurogenic inflammation and colliquative lymphadenitis with persistent orthopox virus DNA detection in a human case of cowpox virus infection transmitted by a domestic cat
Multiple cutaneous, oropharyngeal and pulmonary nodules
Induction Hedgehog pathway inhibition followed by combined-modality radiotherapy for basal cell carcinoma
Skin cancer, and some limitations on how we innovate and practice medicine
Replication of risk variants for psoriasis in a Southern European case–control study: correlation with clinical subphenotypes
HLA-B*58:01 is strongly associated with allopurinol-induced severe cutaneous adverse reactions in Han Chinese patients: a multicentre retrospective case–control clinical study
Frequency of autoallergy to manganese superoxide dismutase in patients with atopic dermatitis: experience of three Italian dermatology centres
Oral erythromycin therapy in epidermolysis bullosa simplex generalized severe
T-helper 17 cytokines expression in leprosy skin lesions
Mosaic focal dermal hypoplasia caused by a novel somatic mutation in PORCN detected in affected skin
Clinical and immunological evidence that low doses of pentavalent antimonials are effective in maintaining long-term cure of Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis cutaneous lesions
Ponatinib-induced pityriasiform, folliculocentric and ichthyosiform cutaneous toxicities
Comparison of clinical and histopathological evaluations of basal cell carcinoma thickness
Pincer nail deformity as the main manifestation of Clouston syndrome
Dowling–Degos disease with mutations in POFUT1 is clinicopathologically distinct from reticulate acropigmentation of Kitamura
Segmental type 1 Darier disease: a case series highlighting late-onset disease
Mycosis fungoides in the era of antitumour necrosis factor-α treatments
Body composition in lipoedema of the legs using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry: a case–control study
Identification of the skin virome in a boy with widespread human papillomavirus-2-positive warts that completely regressed after administration of tetravalent human papillomavirus vaccine
Nonsurgical treatment of congenital ichthyosis cicatricial ectropion and eyelid retraction using Restylane hyaluronic acid
Impact of solar ultraviolet B radiation (290–320 nm) on vitamin D synthesis in children with type IV and V skin
Living with vitiligo: results from a national survey indicate differences between skin phototypes
First nicastrin mutation in PASH (pyoderma gangrenosum, acne and suppurative hidradenitis) syndrome
A case of CD8+ primary cutaneous peripheral T-cell lymphoma arising from tissue-resident memory T cells in the skin
How are we using systemic drugs to treat psoriasis in children? An insight into current clinical U.K. practice
Late onset perforating folliculitis induced by lenalidomide: a case report
Serum chemokine levels differentially regulated by vorinostat in a Sézary syndrome patient
Clearing up misunderstandings around core outcomes for atopic dermatitis
Clearing up misunderstandings around core outcomes for atopic dermatitis: reply from the authors
Making a diagnosis of psoriasis requires knowledge, experience and expertise
MSLT-I: it's all about the lymph nodes…
MSLT-I: it's all about the lymph nodes…: reply from the authors
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