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Dermatoepidemiology; what's up people?
Measuring quality of dermatology care from the patient's perspective: how was it for you?
Nails – more than just an ectodermal appendage: the genetics behind isolated nail disorders
Interleukin-23 inhibition for the treatment of psoriasis: the next frontier for high-efficacy biologic therapy
Resin lacquer: a cheaper alternative to amorolfine for onychomycosis?
Atopic eczema and nonatopic eczema show the same pattern in an adolescent general population
Measuring cutaneous symptoms of dermatomyositis: an important step towards objective monitoring of disease course and treatment response as a basis for clinical trials
Causality for depression and psoriasis is a sex-specific two-way process
A fresh look at T cells in psoriasis
The cutaneous side-effect iceberg
How best to manage acral naevi
CARE guidelines and how to improve case reporting. Does one size fit all?
Diphenylcyclopropenone in patients with alopecia areata. A critically appraised topic
Systematic review on the maintenance of response during systemic antipsoriatic therapy
Genetics of human isolated hereditary nail disorders
Tildrakizumab (MK-3222), an anti-interleukin-23p19 monoclonal antibody, improves psoriasis in a phase IIb randomized placebo-controlled trial
Efficacy of topical resin lacquer, amorolfine and oral terbinafine for treating toenail onychomycosis: a prospective, randomized, controlled, investigator-blinded, parallel-group clinical trial
Tofacitinib, an oral Janus kinase inhibitor, for the treatment of chronic plaque psoriasis: results from two randomized, placebo-controlled, phase III trials
Atopic and nonatopic eczema in adolescence: is there a difference?
Validation of the Cutaneous Dermatomyositis Disease Area and Severity Index: characterizing disease severity and assessing responsiveness to clinical change
Risk of depression in women with psoriasis: a cohort study
Prenatal air pollutant exposure and occurrence of atopic dermatitis
Downmodulation of key inflammatory cell markers with a topical Janus kinase 1/2 inhibitor
Frequency and characteristics of circulating CD4+ CD28null T cells in patients with psoriasis
From the morphological to the transcriptomic characterization of a compromised three-dimensional in vitro model mimicking atopic dermatitis
Frequency and prognostic value of cutaneous molecular residual disease in mycosis fungoides: a prospective multicentre trial of the Cutaneous Lymphoma French Study Group
Cutaneous toxicities associated with vemurafenib therapy in 107 patients with BRAF V600E mutation-positive metastatic melanoma, including recognition and management of rare presentations
Consumer Quality Index Chronic Skin Disease (CQI-CSD): a new instrument to measure quality of care from the patient's perspective
The BRAAFF checklist: a new dermoscopic algorithm for diagnosing acral melanoma
Chronic cutaneous lichenoid graft-versus-host disease at the area of herpes zoster infection and at a vaccination site
Glycosaminoglycan and versican deposits in taxane-induced sclerosis
Vismodegib induces significant clinical response in locally advanced trichoblastic carcinoma
Detection of Merkel cell and other human polyomavirus DNA in lesional and nonlesional skin from patients with Kaposi sarcoma
Heterogeneity in the properties of mutant secreted lymphocyte antigen 6/urokinase receptor-related protein 1 (SLURP1) in Mal de Meleda
Management of hidradenitis suppurativa: a U.K. survey of current practice
Merkel cell carcinoma in Scotland 2000–10
Health-related quality of life and its determinants in pemphigus: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Management of advanced cutaneous T-cell lymphoma: role of the dermatologist in the multidisciplinary team
Perceived skin colour seems a swift, valid and reliable measurement*
Rearrangement and depletion of folate in human skin by ultraviolet radiation*
The efficacy of a health-related quality-of-life intervention during 48 weeks of biologic treatment of patients with moderate to severe psoriasis: results of a multicentre randomized controlled trial*
Lack of strong evidence with regard to the depth of thick melanoma excision
A case of bullous pemphigoid associated with infiltration and activation of basophils
Eruptive squamous cell carcinomas with keratoacanthoma-like features in a patient treated with ruxolitinib
Mycosis fungoides associated with splenic infarction and muscle involvement
First report of a FXII gene mutation in a Brazilian family with hereditary angio-oedema with normal C1 inhibitor
Place your bet and show us your hand
The choice and measurement of fluence in photodynamic therapy for superficial basal cell carcinoma
The choice and measurement of fluence in photodynamic therapy for superficial basal cell carcinoma: reply from the authors
Author guidelines in dermatological journals discourage the use of the CAse REport guidelines
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