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Reflectance confocal microscopy : new micromorphological insights into inflammatory skin diseases
Psychological sequelae of toxic epidermal necrolysis : further insights
Hidradenitis suppurativa : development of outcome measure instruments
Brodalumab established as an effective interleukin‐17 receptor antagonist in psoriasis
Careers advice : do we leave it too late?
The evolving regulatory role of ubiquitin‐editing enzyme A20 in psoriasis during calcipotriol treatment
Targeting KIR3DL2 in primary cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphomas
Predictors of drug survival for tumour necrosis factor‐α and interleukin 12/23 antagonists in psoriasis
TOX – what role does it play in cutaneous lymphomas?
Efficacy, effectiveness and safety of fumaric acid esters in the treatment of psoriasis : a systematic review of randomized and observational studies
Development of core outcome sets in hidradenitis suppurativa : systematic review of outcome measure instruments to inform the process
A prospective phase III, randomized, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled study of brodalumab in patients with moderate‐to‐severe plaque psoriasis‡
Predictive factors of self‐reported hand eczema in adult Danes : a population‐based cohort study with 5‐year follow‐up†
Bullous pemphigoid and dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors : a case–noncase study in the French Pharmacovigilance Database
Microarray study reveals a transforming growth factor‐β‐dependent mechanism of fibrosis in discoid lupus erythematosus†
Zinc finger protein A20 is involved in the antipsoriatic effect of calcipotriol
KIR3DL2 (CD158k) is a potential therapeutic target in primary cutaneous anaplastic large‐cell lymphoma†
The spectrophotometrical analysis of rhododendrol‐induced leucoderma using a novel multispectral camera†
Body mass index predicts discontinuation due to ineffectiveness and female sex predicts discontinuation due to side‐effects in patients with psoriasis treated with adalimumab, etanercept or ustekinumab in daily practice : a prospective, comparative, long‐term drug‐survival study from the BioCAPTURE registry†
Primary care‐based screening for cardiovascular risk factors in patients with psoriasis†
Airborne formaldehyde causes skin barrier dysfunction in atopic dermatitis
Multicentre study on inflammatory skin diseases from The International Confocal Working Group : specific confocal microscopy features and an algorithmic method of diagnosis
In vivo confocal microscopy efficacy assessment of daylight photodynamic therapy in actinic keratosis patients
TOX expression in cutaneous T‐cell lymphomas : an adjunctive diagnostic marker that is not tumour specific and not restricted to the CD4+ CD8− phenotype
Impact of an outright ban on the availability of commercial tanning services in Victoria, Australia
Extensive tumoral melanosis associated with ipilimumab‐treated melanoma
Swamp cancer : a case of human pythiosis and review of the literature
How to convey a diagnosis of skin cancer : patient preferences
Is a punch biopsy reliable in subtyping basal cell carcinoma? A systematic review
Effectiveness and safety of omalizumab in chronic spontaneous or inducible urticaria : evaluation of 154 patients
Parkinson disease and multiple sclerosis are not associated with autoantibodies against structural proteins of the dermal–epidermal junction
Staphylococcus aureus and chronic folliculocentric pustuloses of the scalp – cause or association?
Genetic analysis of NCSTN for potential association with hidradenitis suppurativa in familial and nonfamilial patients
Ketoconazole does not decrease fungal amount in patients with seborrhoeic dermatitis
Major psychological complications and decreased health‐related quality of life among survivors of Stevens–Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis
Cutaneous reactions to pirfenidone : a new kid on the block
Radiological imaging in all stage III melanoma : current practice in the U.K.
Glycaemic control in patients with diabetes and concomitant psoriasis
Epstein–Barr virus‐associated B‐cell lymphoproliferative disorder in a patient with Sézary syndrome treated by methotrexate
Interleukin‐31 receptor and pruritus associated with primary localized cutaneous amyloidosis
Interleukin‐31 receptor and pruritus associated with primary localized cutaneous amyloidosis : reply from the authors
Discrepant mutational status between naevi and melanomas in naevus‐associated melanomas : about mutation‐specific immunohistochemistry
Discrepant mutational status between naevi and melanomas in naevus‐associated melanomas : about mutation‐specific immunohistochemistry
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