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Patient‐centred health care for people with chronic skin conditions
Interests and their conflicts
Keratinocyte skin cancers in the spotlight
Psoralen–ultraviolet A maintenance in mycosis fungoides : the underlying question
Maintenance therapy with psoralen–ultraviolet A for mycosis fungoides : in the absence of evidence sitting on the fence is appropriate
Switching expensive drugs with frequently diminishing value
Ustekinumab for severe atopic dermatitis : an important negative study
The role of access to care in acral lentiginous melanoma survival
Expanding mutation landscape and phenotypic spectrum of autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis
HSP90 inhibition in angiosarcoma
Genetic prediction of treatment response in psoriasis is still a work in progress
Drug survival of methotrexate in psoriasis
Fatigue and psoriasis
Lifting the biofilm lid on the antibacterial and antibiofilm effects of sodium hypochlorite against Staphylococcus aureus in atopic dermatitis
Alopecia in Cronkhite–Canada syndrome
Current perspective on actinic keratosis : a review
Epidemiology of basal cell carcinoma : scholarly review
Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma : an epidemiological review
Risk factors for nonpurulent leg cellulitis : a systematic review and meta‐analysis
Contact allergy in children with atopic dermatitis : a systematic review
Maintenance phase in psoralen–ultraviolet A phototherapy of early‐stage mycosis fungoides. A critically appraised topic
Open‐label study of etanercept treatment in patients with moderate‐to‐severe plaque psoriasis who lost a satisfactory response to adalimumab
Efficacy and safety of ustekinumab in Japanese patients with severe atopic dermatitis : a randomized, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled, phase II study
Prognostic factors and survival in acral lentiginous melanoma
Facing the dilemma of patient‐centred psoriasis care : a qualitative study identifying patient needs in dermatological outpatient clinics
Sixteen novel mutations in PNPLA1 in patients with autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis reveal the importance of an extended patatin domain in PNPLA1 that is essential for proper human skin barrier function
Inhibition of heat shock protein 90 exerts an antitumour effect in angiosarcoma : involvement of the vascular endothelial growth factor signalling pathway
Noninvasive proteome analysis of psoriatic stratum corneum reflects pathophysiological pathways and is useful for drug profiling
Role of the HLA‐C*06 allele in clinical response to ustekinumab : evidence from real life in a large cohort of European patients
Determinants for drug survival of methotrexate in patients with psoriasis, split according to different reasons for discontinuation : results of the prospective MTX‐CAPTURE
Fatigue in psoriasis : a controlled study
Antibacterial and antibiofilm effects of sodium hypochlorite against Staphylococcus aureus isolates derived from patients with atopic dermatitis
Isothiocyanates are important as haptens in contact allergy to chloroprene rubber
Alopecia areata incognita in Cronkhite–Canada syndrome
Familial white lentiginosis
Dermoscopic diagnosis of amelanotic/hypomelanotic melanoma
Identifying priority areas for research into the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cellulitis (erysipelas) : results of a James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership
Managing patients with delusional infestations in an integrated psychodermatology clinic is much more cost‐effective than a general dermatology or primary care setting
Homozygous SLCO2A1 translation initiation codon mutation in a Pakistani family with recessive isolated congenital nail clubbing
Follicular proliferation or basal cell carcinoma? The first prospective U.K. study of this histological challenge during Mohs surgery
Psychiatric comorbidities in children and adolescents with psoriasis : a population‐based cohort study
The effectiveness of habit reversal on treatment outcome and quality of life in patients with chronic eczema : a prospective observational study in the U.K.
Safety and efficacy of a combination of paromomycin and miltefosine for two vs. three courses in patients with post‐kala‐azar dermal leishmaniasis : an observational pilot study
Ten‐year incidence of contact dermatitis in a prospective cohort of healthcare workers in Trieste hospitals (North East of Italy) 2004–2013
Skin manifestations in ultramarathon runners : experience in the Marathon des Sables 2014
Myeloid differentiation primary response 88 mutations in a distinct type of cutaneous marginal‐zone lymphoma with a nonclass‐switched immunoglobulin M immunophenotype
A randomized, split‐face, controlled, double‐blind, single‐centre clinical study : transient addition of a topical corticosteroid to a topical retinoid in patients with acne to reduce initial irritation
Routine use of perioperative in vivo reflectance confocal microscopy of the nail matrix in melanonychia striata : a report of 30 cases
Melanoma diagnosis may be a pitfall for optical coherence tomography assessment of equivocal amelanotic or hypomelanotic skin lesions
Alitretinoin therapy for palmoplantar pustulosis
Authors’ response to a reply to : Re
Response to : Routine usage of sentinel node biopsy in melanoma management must cease
A reply to : ‘Impact of biologic therapies on risk of major adverse cardiovascular events in patients with psoriasis
IgA pemphigus : lumping or splitting?
Adulterant or contaminant in MT‐45, or coingestion?
‘Adulterant or contaminant in MT‐45, or coingestion?’ Reply from the authors
Conflicting results between the analysis of skin lesions using a mobile‐phone application and a dermatologist's clinical diagnosis : a pilot study
Arrhythmias in a patient with metastatic melanoma treated with targeted therapy and implantable cardioverter defibrillator
Reaching complete or near‐complete resolution of psoriasis : benefit and risk considerations
A chronic recurrent disease course of dermatomyositis is associated with autoantibodies against transcriptional intermediary factor 1‐γ
Response to : ‘Dermatological content of U.K. undergraduate curricula
Is nitrogen mustard contamination responsible for the reported MT‐45 toxicity?
‘Is nitrogen mustard contamination responsible for the reported MT‐45 toxicity?’ Reply from the authors
Dermatology‐led lower‐limb cellulitis service : analysis of 1579 referrals (2007–15)
Reducing blood splatter in dermatological surgery
Updating the diagnosis, classification and assessment of rosacea by effacement of subtypes
Reducing blood splatter in dermatological surgery : reply from the authors
Updating the diagnosis, classification and assessment of rosacea by effacement of subtypes : reply from the author
Cover Image : Invasion of a cutaneous melanoma tumour
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