Conversation and theory of mind: Do children talk their way to socio-cognitive understanding?
Yours and mine: Toddlers' talk about possessions with familiar peers
Cooperation and conversations about the mind: A study of individual differences in 2-year-olds and their siblings
Conversations with siblings and with friends: Links between relationship quality and social understanding
Family emotional climate, attachment security and young children's emotion knowledge in a high risk sample
What mothers say and what they do: The relation between parenting, theory of mind, language and conflict/cooperation
Conversations around homework: Links to parental mental health, family characteristics and child psychological functioning
Telling the story of theory of mind: Deaf and hearing children's narratives and mental state understanding
Mind-mindedness in children: Individual differences in internal-state talk in middle childhood
Imagining your child's mind: Psychosocial adjustment and mothers' ability to predict their children's attributional response styles
Conversational apprentices: Helping children become competent informants about their own experiences
Parent–child reminiscing locates the self in the past
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