Young people and the media: Special Issue
Infant imitation from television using novel touch screen technology
Just a talking book? Word learning from watching baby videos
TV as storyteller: How exposure to television narratives impacts at-risk preschoolers' story knowledge and narrative skills
Young children's ability to recognize advertisements in web page designs
Television alcohol advertising: Do children really mean what they say?
The effectiveness of parental communication in modifying the relation between food advertising and children's consumption behaviour
Predicting children's media use in the USA: Differences in cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis
Exploring the relationship between children's knowledge of text message abbreviations and school literacy outcomes
Electronic mail, a new written-language register: A study with French-speaking adolescents
Remote control, umbilical cord and beyond: The mobile phone as a transitional object
Educational and interpersonal uses of home computers by adolescents with and without specific language impairment
In their words: Connecting on-line weblogs to developmental processes