Two routes to perspective: Simulation and rule-use as approaches to mentalizing
Alternative routes to perspective-taking: Imagination and rule-use may be better than simulation and theorising
Simulation (mostly) rules: A commentary
Is there an alternative to simulation and theory in understanding the mind?
Children's understanding of counterfactual emotions: Age differences, individual differences, and the effects of counterfactual-information salience
How does Sam feel?: Children's labelling and drawing of basic emotions
Associations between parental control and children's overt and relational aggression
Hyperactivity, shyness, and sex: Development and socio-emotional functioning
Linking actions and emotions: Evidence from 15- and 18-month-old infants
A measure of inspection time in 4-year-old children: The Benny Bee IT task
Associations among false belief understanding, counterfactual reasoning, and executive function
Social cognitive predictors of peer acceptance at age 5 and the moderating effects of gender
How action and context priming influence categorization: A developmental study
Children's judgments about their own self-knowledge: The role of disclosure to other
Sex differences in the structure and stability of children's playground social networks and their overlap with friendship relations
Morphological effects in children word reading: A priming study in fourth graders