Older (but not younger) preschoolers understand that knowledge differs between people and across time
Effect of lie labelling on children's evaluation of selfish, polite, and altruistic lies
Empathy in adolescence
The interplay among temperament, neuropsychological abilities, and global functioning in young hyperactive/inattentive children
The heterogeneity of attention‐deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms and conduct problems
Thee, uhh disfluency effect in preschoolers
Preschool children's learning proclivities
Development of behavioural regulation in Do and Don't contexts among behaviourally inhibited Chinese children
The change in perceived motor competence and motor task values during elementary school
Preschoolers affect others' reputations through prosocial gossip
Sixty‐twelve = Seventy‐two? A cross‐linguistic comparison of children's number transcoding
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