The interactive effects of prior knowledge and text structure on memory for cognitive psychology texts
Does the cue help? Children's understanding of multiplicative concepts in different problem contexts
Orthographic revision
Relationship between orthographic-motor integration and computer use for the production of creative and well-structured written text
Profiles of non-victims, escaped victims, continuing victims and new victims of school bullying
‘What about bullying?’ An experimental field study to understand students' attitudes towards bullying and victimisation in Italian middle schools
The impact of supervisors' cognitive styles on the quality of research supervision in management education
Consistency in reasoning test scores over time
Powerful learning environments
The dynamic assessment of cognitive modifiability. The Learning Propensity Assessment Device
Beyond constructivism
The scientific study of general intelligence
Curriculum instruction for all learners – Blending systematic and constructivist approaches in inclusive elementary schools
Understanding Williams syndrome – Behavioral patterns and interventions
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