Expecting the best for students: Teacher expectations and academic outcomes
Factors related to perceived power usage in schools
Sex differences in Cognitive Abilities Test scores: A UK national picture
Season of birth and childhood intelligence: Findings from the Aberdeen Children of the 1950s cohort study
Book reading styles in dual-parent and single-mother families
The role of learning to read in the development of problem behaviour: A cross-lagged longitudinal study
Influences on cognitive engagement: Epistemological beliefs and need for closure
Teachers' and pupils' definitions of bullying
Peer victimization and depression in early–mid adolescence: A longitudinal study
Are mastery and ability goals both adaptive? Evaluation, initial goal construction and the quality of task engagement
Effects of cueing and collaboration on the acquisition of complex legal skills
The Approaches to Teaching Inventory: A critique of its development and applicability
An assessment of anxiety levels in dyslexic students in higher education
Comparing groups in a before–after design: When t test and ANCOVA produce different results
Book Reviews
Book Reviews
Book Reviews