Profiles of children with specific reading comprehension difficulties
Assessment matters: Issues in the measurement of reading comprehension
Children's autobiographies of learning to write
The effects of an early history of otitis media on children's language and literacy skill development
Teachers' perceptions of remediation possibilities of Dutch students in special education
What goes well with physics? Measuring and altering the image of science
An analysis of the Revised Olweus Bully/Victim Questionnaire using the Rasch measurement model
Personal bests (PBs): A proposed multidimensional model and empirical analysis
Future goal setting, task motivation and learning of minority and non-minority students in Dutch schools
The use of deep and surface learning strategies among students learning English as a foreign language in an Internet environment
Investigating the relationship between variations in students' perceptions of their academic environment and variations in study behaviour in distance education
Earning and learning: Role congruence, state/trait factors and adjustment to university life
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