Hereditary Haemochromatosis as an Immunological Disease
The Molecular Pathophysiology of Myeloid Leukaemias
Acute myeloid leukaemia expressing the leucocyte integrin CD11b - a new leukaemic syndrome with poor prognosis
Improved outcome of adult acute lymphoblastic leukaemia by moderately intensified chemotherapy which includes a 'pre-induction' course for rapid tumour reduction
Quantitative expression of thrombopoietin receptor on leukaemia cells from patients with acute myeloid leukaemia and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Large granular lymphocytic leukaemia with a mixed T-cell/B-cell phenotype
Bcr-Abl kinase promotes cell cycle entry of primary myeloid CML cells in the absence of growth factors
Cyclosporin A Therapy in hypoplastic MDS patients and certain refractory anaemias without hypoplastic bone marrow
Regulation of interleukin-4 production and cytokine-induced growth potential in peripheral T-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphomas
A randomized trial of the effect of clodronate on skeletal morbidity in multiple myeloma
Detection of monoclonal plasma cells in the peripheral blood of patients with primary amyloidosis
Acute promyelocytic leukaemia with t(11;17)(q23;q12-21) and a good initial response to prolonged ATRA and combination chemotherapy
t(3;17)(q21;q25) in Epstein-Barr virus associated peripheral T-cell lymphoma
Renin in acute myeloid leukaemia blasts
Mobilization and harvesting of peripheral blood stem cells
Early viral complications following CD34-selected autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Flow cytometric analysis of reticulated platelets
Protein A immunoadsorption in chronic refractory ITP reverses increased platelet activation but fails to achieve sustained clinical benefit
Cellular source of human platelet secretory phospholipase A2
Antibodies to prothrombin crossreact with plasminogen in patients developing myocardial infarction
Successful excision of a pseudotumour in a congenitally factor V deficient patient
Genes for thrombopoietin and c-mpl are not responsible for familial thrombocythaemia
Serum thrombopoietin levels in Kawasaki disease
Hereditary sideroblastic anaemia due to a mutation in exon 10 of the erythroid 5-aminolaevulinate synthase gene
Repeated treatment with horse antilymphocyte globulin for severe aplastic anaemia
Haemoglobin J-Biskra
Erythrocytosis due to a mutation in the erythropoietin receptor gene
Transient appearance of CD3 sup + CD8 sup + T lymphocytes with monoclonal gene rearrangement of T-cell receptor beta locus
Complementary and antagonistic effects of IL-3 in the early development of human megakaryocytes in culture
Establishment of a GM-CSF-dependent megakaryoblastic cell line with the potential to differentiate into an eosinophilic lineage in response to retinoic acids
Platelet-like particle formation in the human megakaryoblastic leukaemia cell lines, MEG-01 and MEG-01s
Effective mobilization of Philadelphia-chromosome-negative cells in chronic myelogenous leukaemia patients using a less intensive regimen
Pseudo-Acute Transformation of an Idiopathic Myelofibrosis Due to Kala-Azar
Hematology of Infancy and Childhood
Fundamentals of Clinical Hematology