Giant myeloma cells
Immunoplatelet counting: a proposed new reference procedure
Defective fibrinogen polymerization associated with a novel γ279Ala→Asp mutation
Intracellular accumulation of factor VIII induced by missense mutations Arg593→Cys and Asn618→Ser explains cross-reacting material-reduced haemophilia A
A novel polymorphism in intron 1a of the human factor VII gene (G73A): study of a healthy Italian population and of 190 young survivors of myocardial infarction
Combined alpha interferon and ribavirin for the treatment of hepatitis C in patients with hereditary bleeding disorders
Type 1 von Willebrand disease - a clinical retrospective study of the diagnosis, the influence of the ABO blood group and the role of the bleeding history
Type II protein C deficiency: identification and molecular modelling of two natural mutants with low anticoagulant and normal amidolytic activity
Prevalence of the post-thrombotic syndrome in young women with previous venous thromboembolism
Human osteoblast-like cells and osteosarcoma cell lines synthesize macrophage inhibitory protein 1α in response to interleukin 1β and tumour necrosis factor α stimulation in vitro
Oral magnesium pidolate: effects of long-term administration in patients with sickle cell disease
Jamaican Sβ+-thalassaemia: mutations and haematology
Rapid detection of α-thalassaemia deletions and α-globin gene triplication by multiplex polymerase chain reactions
Dyserythropoiesis associated with a Fas-deficient condition in childhood
Safety profile of the oral iron chelator deferiprone: a multicentre study
Excessive apoptosis of bone marrow erythroblasts in a patient with autoimmune haemolytic anaemia with reticulocytopenia
High FUS/TLS expression in acute myeloid leukaemia samples
Constitutive activation of FLT3 in acute myeloid leukaemia and its consequences for growth of 32D cells
Cell density-dependent VP-16 sensitivity of leukaemic cells is accompanied by the translocation of topoisomerase IIα from the nucleus to the cytoplasm
Incidence, characterization and prognostic significance of chromosomal abnormalities in 640 patients with primary myelodysplastic syndromes
Cladribine with or without prednisone in the treatment of previously treated and untreated B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia - updated results of the multicentre study of 378 patients
The diagnosis of low-grade peripheral B-cell neoplasms in bone marrow trephines
Recurrent B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in two brothers with X-linked lymphoproliferative disease without evidence for Epstein-Barr virus infection
Human myeloma cells promote the production of interleukin 6 by primary human osteoblasts
Therapy with thalidomide in refractory multiple myeloma patients - the revival of an old drug
Lamivudine allows completion of chemotherapy in lymphoma patients with hepatitis B reactivation
T-prolymphocytic leukaemia with spontaneous remission
Second allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in relapsed acute and chronic leukaemias for patients who underwent a first allogeneic bone marrow transplantation: a survey of the Société Française de Greffe de Moelle (SFGM)
CD34+ cell dose predicts relapse and survival after T-cell-depleted HLA-identical haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) for haematological malignancies
Reconstitution of the cellular immune response after autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Incubation of murine bone marrow cells in hypoxia ensures the maintenance of marrow-repopulating ability together with the expansion of committed progenitors
Induction of remission after donor leucocyte infusion for the treatment of relapsed chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis following allogeneic transplantation: evidence for a 'graft vs. myelofibrosis' effect
A study of the iron and HFE status of blood donors, including a group who failed the initial screen for anaemia
A rapid one-stage whole-blood HPA-1a phenotyping assay using a recombinant monoclonal IgG1 anti-HPA-1a
New genotypes in Fy(a−b−) individuals: nonsense mutations (Trp to stop) in the coding sequence of either FY A or FY B
Prevention of worsening of severe thrombocytopenia after red cell transfusions by the use of leucocyte-depleted blood
Comparing near misses with actual mistransfusion events: a more accurate reflection of transfusion errors