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Synergism between fludarabine and rituximab revealed in a follicular lymphoma cell line resistant to the cytotoxic activity of either drug alone
Transient pancytopenia preceding acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (pre-ALL) precipitated by parvovirus B19
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Protein A sepharose immunoadsorption: immunological and haemostatic effects in two cases of acquired haemophilia
Increased lipid peroxidation correlates with platelet activation but not with markers of endothelial cell and blood coagulation activation in patients with antiphospholipid antibodies
The inhibition of platelet aggregation and blood coagulation by Micropechis ikaheka venom
Classification of the kinetics of factor VIII inhibitors in haemophilia A: plasma dilution studies are more discriminatory than time‐course studies
A highly polymorphic microsatellite in the factor V gene is an informative tool for the study of factor V-related disorders
Coexistence of a novel homozygous nonsense mutation in exon 13 of the factor V gene with the homozygous Leiden mutation in two unrelated patients with severe factor V deficiency
Severe factor XI deficiency caused by compound heterozygosity for the type III mutation and a novel insertion in exon 9 (codons 324/325 +G)
Inferior vena cava malformation as a risk factor for deep venous thrombosis in the young
Loss of CD20 expression following treatment with rituximab (chimaeric monoclonal anti-CD20): a retrospective cohort analysis
Intracellular Fas ligand is elevated in T lymphocytes in severe aplastic anaemia
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Glycoconjugate abnormalities in patients with congenital dyserythropoietic anaemia type I, II and III
Prevalence of HFE mutations in people from North Africa living in southern France
Vitamin E correlates inversely with non-transferrin-bound iron in sickle cell disease
Early-acting cytokine-driven ex vivo expansion of mobilized peripheral blood CD34+ cells generates post-mitotic offspring with preserved engraftment ability in non-obese diabetic/severe combined immunodeficient mice
Disparity for the minor histocompatibility antigen HA-1 is associated with an increased risk of acute graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) but it does not affect chronic GvHD incidence, disease-free survival or overall survival after allogeneic human leucocyte antigen-identical sibling donor transplantation
Analysis of CD34+ cell subsets in stem cell harvests can more reliably predict rapidity and durability of engraftment than total CD34+ cell dose, but steady state levels do not correlate with bone marrow reserve
Intravenous busulphan for conditioning before autologous or allogeneic human blood stem cell transplantation
Donor–recipient incompatibility at CD31-codon 563 is a major risk factor for acute graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation from a human leucocyte antigen-matched donor
Central nervous system relapse of acute promyelocytic leukaemia in a patient with cerebral haemorrhage at diagnosis
Pancytopenia after recombinant hepatitis B vaccine — an Indian case report
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