Papers to be published in forthcoming issues
Drug-induced haemolysis and methaemoglobinaemia in glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency
Transfusion-related acute lung injury
Pregnancy and its management in the Philadelphia negative myeloproliferative diseases
Molecular mechanisms of fibrinolysis
Killing of non-Hodgkin lymphoma cells by autologous CD19 engineered T cells
Somatic PTPN11 mutations in childhood acute myeloid leukaemia
Fusion hybrids of dendritic cells and autologous myeloid blasts as a potential cellular vaccine for acute myeloid leukaemia
Prognosis of patients with acute myeloid leukaemia admitted to intensive care
Haplotypes in the tumour necrosis factor region and myeloma
The International Prognostic Index determines the outcome of patients with nodal mature T-cell lymphomas
Aberrant somatic hypermutation and expression of activation-induced cytidine deaminase mRNA in mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma
Targeting primary human leukaemia cells with RNA interference
Prognostic relevance of ‘early-onset’ graft-versus-host disease following non-myeloablative haematopoietic cell transplantation
UTY-specific TCR-transfer generates potential graft-versus-leukaemia effector T cells
One versus two high-dose cytarabine-based consolidation before autologous stem cell transplantation for young acute myeloblastic leukaemia patients in first complete remission
Efficient identification of T-cell clones associated with graft-versus-host disease in target tissue allows for subsequent detection in peripheral blood
Resolving and classifying haematopoietic bone-marrow cell populations by multi-dimensional analysis of flow-cytometry data
Identification of DKC1 gene mutations in Japanese patients with X-linked dyskeratosis congenita
Chronic oxidative stress reduces the respiratory burst response of neutrophils from beta-thalassaemia patients
Coombs' negative haemolytic anaemia as a first manifestation of autoimmune lymphoproliferative disease
Microchimerism detection by human leucocyte antigen-specific quantitative-polymerase chain reaction analysis in recipients of allogeneic Epstein–Barr virus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes
All-trans retinoic acid induced cardiac and skeletal myositis in induction therapy of acute promyelocytic leukaemia
‘Leukaemic’ presentation of metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma