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Lymphoma and malignant vasovagal syndrome
Much ado about nothing : silent brain lesions in T-ALL
Diagnostic criteria for monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis
Perinatal stroke – risk factors and management
Immunotherapy in multiple myeloma – possibility or probability?
Conventional second-line salvage chemotherapy regimens are not warranted in patients with malignant lymphomas who have progressive disease after first-line salvage therapy regimens
Effects of imatinib and interferon on primitive chronic myeloid leukaemia progenitors
Serological identification of adult T-cell leukaemia-associated antigens
Clonal granulocytes in polycythaemia vera and essential thrombocythaemia have shortened telomeres
Influence of the intensity of the conditioning regimen on the characteristics of acute and chronic graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic transplantation
Transient familial haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis reactivation post-CD34 haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Sirolimus in combination with tacrolimus and corticosteroids for the treatment of resistant chronic graft-versus-host disease
Identification of APOBEC3B as a potential target for the graft-versus-lymphoma effect by SEREX in a patient with mantle cell lymphoma
Environmental risk factors for inhibitor development in children with haemophilia A : a case–control study
AML1B transcriptional repressor function is impaired by the Flt3-internal tandem duplication
Health-related quality of life in children with sickle cell disease : child and parent perception
Sildenafil therapy in patients with sickle cell disease and pulmonary hypertension
A novel 33·3 kb deletion (- -KOL) in the alpha-globin gene cluster : a brief report on deletional alpha-thalassaemia in the heterogeneous eastern Indian population
Different fatherhood as a possible explanation for difficult pedigrees in coagulation defects : only ‘mater semper certa est’
Different fatherhood as a possible explanation for difficult pedigrees in coagulation defects : only ‘mater semper certa est’
Percentage of CD34+ cells in a minimum 500-cell count in bone marrow trephines of patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia provides the best correlation with aspirate blast count
The Y/C1584 mutation of von Willebrand factor in type 2M von Willebrand disease : frequency and clearance of von Willebrand factor
Transfusion related acute lung injury (TRALI)
Transfusion related acute lung injury (TRALI)