Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion associated with plasma cell myeloma
Intracranial mass in a patient with thalassaemia major
Immunosuppressive therapies in the management of immune-mediated marrow failures in adults: where we stand and where we are going
Mechanisms of leukemogenesis by MLL fusion proteins
PR-924, a selective inhibitor of the immunoproteasome subunit LMP-7, blocks multiple myeloma cell growth both in vitro and in vivo
Proliferation and bone marrow engraftment of AML blasts is dependent on β-catenin signalling
Rituximab in combination with CODOX-M/IVAC: a retrospective analysis of 23 cases of non-HIV related B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma with proliferation index >95%
IRF4 silencing inhibits Hodgkin lymphoma cell proliferation, survival and CCL5 secretion
Novel X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis inhibiting compound as sensitizer for TRAIL-mediated apoptosis in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia with poor prognosis
Immune reconstitution in children following chemotherapy for haematological malignancies: a long-term follow-up
Associations between intracranial haemorrhage and prescribed prophylaxis in a large cohort of haemophilia patients in the United States
Ribosomal protein L11 mutation in zebrafish leads to haematopoietic and metabolic defects
Pancreatic iron loading in chronically transfused sickle cell disease is lower than in thalassaemia major
Molecular analysis of intravascular large B-cell lymphoma with neoangiogenesis
Intravascular large B-cell lymphoma cells in the bone marrow smear preparation
Increased phosphatidylserine exposure on the erythrocyte membrane in patients with polycythaemia vera
First application of MLPA method in severe von Willebrand disease. Confirmation of a new large VWF gene deletion and identification of heterozygous carriers
Prophylaxis in severe prothrombin deficiency
St Mary’s haematology courses at Hammersmith Hospital, Spring 2011 (some courses are particularly for biomedical sciences and some for medical practitioners)