The use of wound healing assessment methods in psychological studies: A review and recommendations
Enhancing intentions to attend cervical cancer screening with a stage-matched intervention
Attention to pain words in irritable bowel syndrome: Increased orienting and speeded engagement
Treatment beliefs and attending follow-up visits in a lipid clinic
A randomized trial of computer-based communications using imagery and text information to alter representations of heart disease risk and motivate protective behaviour
Measuring risk perceptions of skin cancer: Reliability and validity of different operationalizations
Testing an integrated model of the theory of planned behaviour and self-determination theory for different energy balance-related behaviours and intervention intensities
Theory of planned behaviour cognitions do not predict self-reported or objective physical activity levels or change in the ProActive trial
Personality and medication non-adherence among older adults enrolled in a six-year trial
No smoke without fire: The impact of future friends on adolescent smoking behaviour
Paving the path for habit change: Cognitive shielding of intentions against habit intrusion
Anticipated emotions and effort allocation in weight goal striving
Predictors of anxiety and depression among people attending diabetes screening: A prospective cohort study embedded in the ADDITION (Cambridge) randomized control trial
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