What more can we learn from early learning theory? The contemporary relevance for behaviour change interventions
Is the intention–behaviour gap greater amongst the more deprived? A meta-analysis of five studies on physical activity, diet, and medication adherence in smoking cessation
Health coaching to prevent excessive gestational weight gain: A randomized-controlled trial
Using impairment and cognitions to predict walking in osteoarthritis: A series of n -of-1 studies with an individually tailored, data-driven intervention
The experience of sleep in chronic fatigue syndrome: A qualitative interview study with patients
The role of emotion dysregulation in insomnia: Longitudinal findings from a large community sample
The role of personal models in clinical management: Exploring health care providers' beliefs about psoriasis
Barriers in using cardiometabolic risk information among consumers with low health literacy
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How sickle cell disease patients experience, understand and explain their pain: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis study
Towards an understanding of adult judgments of synergistic health benefits
A structured multicomponent group programme for carers of people with acquired brain injury: Effects on perceived criticism, strain, and psychological distress
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