Brian McGinnis and Steve Dowson
Difference and choice : exploring prenatal testing and the use of genetic information with people with learning difficulties
Towards the creative management of risk : perceptions, practices and policies
An exploratory survey of opportunities and barriers to creative leisure activity for people with learning disabilities
The health log : developing a health monitoring tool for people with learning disabilities within a community support agency
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and mild learning disabilities : a case study
An investigation into carers' perceptions of the verbal comprehension ability of adults with severe learning disabilities
Working Towards Inclusive Education : Social Contexts
Pretending to be Normal : Living with Asperger's Syndrome
Discovering My Autism : Apologia Pro Vita Sua (with Apologies to Cardinal Newman)
Managing Anger
Monyhull 1908–98 : A History of Caring
I Can Get Through It
Social Role Valorization and the English Experience
Parenting the ADD Child. Can't Do? Won't Do? Practical Strategies for Managing Behaviour Problems in Children with ADD and ADHD
Crossing Boundaries : Change and Continuity in the History of Learning Disability
Paid Work and Housing
Holding On, Letting Go : Sex, Sexuality and People with Learning Disabilities
Law, Rights and Disability
Learning Disabilities in Children
Approaches to Advocacy for and by Adults with Learning Disabilities
Understanding and Working with the Spectrum of Autism : An Insider's View
The Cost of Opportunity : Purchasing Strategies in the Housing and Support Arrangements of People with Learning Difficulties
Our Journey Through High Functioning Autism & Asperger Syndrome : A Roadmap