Gary Bourlet, Andrew Bright and Joan Scott
Consultation with children with autistic spectrum disorders about their experience of short-term residential care
Enabling young people with a learning disability to make choices at a time of transition
An investigation of the effects of bereavement on mental health and challenging behaviour in adults with learning disability
A parent training programme for chronic food refusal
Feeding problems, gastrostomy and families
Over the top? Reducing staff training in physical interventions
Valuing people
Speaking Up, Speaking Out
A Right Result? Advocacy, Justice and Empowerment
Living with Autism – Learning to Manage
Helping People with A Learning Disability Explore Relationships
Life Behind Glass; A Personal Account of Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Hallas' The Care of People with Intellectual Disabilities, Ninth Edition
Asperger's Syndrome
Behavioural Interventions
Development and Disabilities