Special Issue Acknowledgements
In conversation with Beverley Dawkins OBE
Being a member of a self-advocacy group: experiences of intellectually disabled people
‘My memory’s back!’ Inclusive learning disability research using ethics, oral history and digital storytelling
Referrals to a learning disability social work team 1996 to 2005
Teaching methods and curriculum models used in Finland in the education of students diagnosed with having severe/profound intellectual disabilities
From inclusion to exclusion: some unintended consequences of Valuing People
Making a difference. Visual health needs of people with a learning disability
Negotiating autonomy within the family: the experiences of young adults with intellectual disabilities
Pain in people with learning disabilities in residential settings – the need for change
Effective communication training interventions for paid carers supporting adults with learning disabilities
‘I am a normal man’: a narrative analysis of the accounts of older people with Down’s syndrome who lived in institutionalised settings
‘I’m going to be here long after you’ve gone’ – sibling perspectives of the future
The emerging role of the Registered Intermediary with the vulnerable witness and offender: facilitating communication with the police and members of the judiciary
Bereavement loss and learning disabilities a guide for professionals and carers
Social Work Practice and Intellectual Disability