The British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology 1947–1997. Our Golden Jubilee Celebration
‘Much more at home with 3.999 pupils than with four’ 1 : The contributions to psychometrics of Sir Godfrey Thomson
Past imperfect, future conditional: Fifty years of test theory
On the possible relations between discriminability and apparent magnitude
Fifty years of multivariate analysis
Estimation of factor scores with polytomous data by the EM algorithm
Analysis of structural equation models with censored data
Generalization of Improved General Approximation tests to split-plot designs with multiple between-subjects factors and/or multiple within-subjects factors
Linear and circular unidimensional scaling for symmetric proximity matrices
On scoring ordered classifications
Comparing the slopes of two independent regression lines when there is complete heteroscedasticity
Analysing multivariate repeated measures designs when covariance matrices are heterogeneous
Maximum likelihood estimation in covariance structure analysis with truncated data
A note on the use of the Tobit approach for tests scores with floor or ceiling effects
Some comments on ten Berge, J. M. F. & Kiers, H. A. L. (1996). Optimality criteria for principal component analysis and generalizations
Are all varieties of PCA the same? A reply to Cadima & Jolliffe
Statistical software for microcomputers: G•Power, StatXact-3 for Windows and LogXact (version 2) for Windows