Modelling non-ignorable missing-data mechanisms with item response theory models
Fitting the factor analysis model in ℓ1 norm
An affine invariant rank-based method for comparing dependent groups
The mean and variance of the selection differential after top-down selection from a mixture of normal samples
Estimating population or group sensitivity and its precision from a set of individual d ′
Examining change in maximal reliability for multiple-component measuring instruments
Multidimensional scale types and invariant multivariate statistics
A statistical model for binocular rivalry
Latent variable models for partially ordered responses and trajectory analysis of anger-related feelings
Multilevel IRT using dichotomous and polytomous response data
A method for testing group differences of scale validity in multiple population studies
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BILOG-MG, MULTILOG, PARSCALE and TESTFACT4 programs on CD with single volume manual combining reference guide and users guide (program examples: Input and output)