Statistical inference in generalized linear mixed models: A review
Estimating sensitivity and bias in a yes/no task
Generalized linear models with ordinally-observed covariates
Multilevel component analysis
Recovering stimuli from memory: A statistical method for linking discrimination and reproduction responses
Mood-management dynamics: The interrelationship between moods and behaviours
Two item response theory models for analysing normative forced-choice personality items
Standard errors in covariance structure models: Asymptotics versus bootstrap
Avoiding degeneracy in metric unfolding by penalizing the intercept
Bayesian item fit analysis for unidimensional item response theory models
Simple and multiple P-splines regression with shape constraints
A handbook of research methods for clinical and health psychology
Recent developments on structural equation models: Theory and applications
Regression analysis for categorical moderators
A handbook of statistical analyses using SPSS
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