Prior approval: The growth of Bayesian methods in psychology
Philosophy and the practice of Bayesian statistics
How to practise Bayesian statistics outside the Bayesian church: What philosophy for Bayesian statistical modelling?
Posterior predictive checks can and should be Bayesian: Comment on Gelman and Shalizi, ‘Philosophy and the practice of Bayesian statistics’
The error-statistical philosophy and the practice of Bayesian statistics: Comments on Gelman and Shalizi: ‘Philosophy and the practice of Bayesian statistics’
Comment on Gelman and Shalizi
The humble Bayesian: Model checking from a fully Bayesian perspective
Rejoinder to discussion of ‘Philosophy and the practice of Bayesian statistics’
A clusterwise simultaneous component method for capturing within-cluster differences in component variances and correlations
Continuous time modelling with individually varying time intervals for oscillating and non-oscillating processes
A Monte Carlo study comparing PIV, ULS and DWLS in the estimation of dichotomous confirmatory factor analysis
The linear transformation model with frailties for the analysis of item response times
Evaluation of dominance-based ordinal multiple regression for variables with few categories
An improved Hochberg procedure for multiple tests of significance
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