Biological psychiatry in perspective
Genetic epidemiology
Modern molecular genetic approaches to psychiatric disease
The genetics of mental retardation
Structural brain imaging in biological psychiatry
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy in psychiatry: basic principles and applications
Functional imaging - schizophrenia
Functional imaging, affective disorder and dementia
Psychopharmacology - in vivo neurochemistry and pharmacology
Advances in post mortem molecular neurochemistry and neuropathology: examples from schizophrenia research
Advances in psychopharmacology: mood disorders and dementia
Advances in psychopharmacology - schizophrenia
Use of structural imaging to study the progression of Alzheimer's disease
Imaging as a tool in exploring the neurodevelopment and genetics of schizophrenia
The neuroendocrinology of depression and chronic stress
Neuropsychology of schizophrenia
Neuropsychology - dementia and affective disorders
Theoretical neurobiology and schizophrenia
Concluding summary