Epidemiology of intensive care medicine: supply versus demand
Inflammatory cell activation in sepsis
The role of the endothelium in modulating vascular control in sepsis and related conditions
Redox imbalance in the critically ill
Sedation and analgesia
The oxygen trail: tissue oxygenation
The oxygen trail: measurement
The oxygen trail: the goal
Ventilatory support in the acute respiratory distress syndrome
Non-ventilatory treatment of acute hypoxic respiratory failure
Manipulating the metabolic response to injury
The gastrointestinal tract as a barrier in sepsis
Adjunctive therapy in sepsis: a critical analysis of the clinical trial programme
Cerebral protection in severe brain injury: physiological determinants of outcome and their optimisation
Antibacterial resistance in the intensive care unit: mechanisms and management
Red blood cell substitutes: fluorocarbon emulsions and haemoglobin solutions