The molecular architecture of the inner ear
Cochlear pathology, sensory cell death and regeneration
Sensory organ development in the inner ear: molecular and cellular mechanisms
Biophysics of the cochlea – biomechanics and ion channelopathies
Hereditary deafness and phenotyping in humans
Microelectrode and neuroimaging studies of central auditory function
Central auditory pathologies
Psychoacoustics of normal and impaired hearing
Auditory processing and the development of language and literacy
Electronic aids to hearing
Application of new biological approaches to stimulate sensory repair and protection
Auditory development and the role of experience
Cochlear implants and brain stem implants
Mechanisms of tinnitus
Under-rated neuro-otological symptoms: Hoffman and Brookler 1978 revisited
Otoacoustic emissions, their origin in cochlear function, and use