Obituary : Dr Katya O JOURNAL/bjon/04.02/00002375-200312000-00001/ENTITY_OV0165/v/2017-09-15T191804Z/r/image-png ancová 1920–2003
Does breakfast-club attendance affect schoolchildren's nutrient intake? A study of dietary intake at three schools
Prebiotics affect nutrient digestibility but not faecal ammonia in dogs fed increased dietary protein levels
Monounsaturated n-9 fatty acids and adipocyte lipolysis in rats
Early post-hatching starvation delays p70 S6 kinase activation in the muscle of neonatal chicks
Tomatoes have natural anti-thrombotic effects
Effects of dietary cis 9, trans 11–18:2, trans 10, cis 12–18:2, or vaccenic acid (trans 11–18:1) during lactation on body composition, tissue fatty acid profiles, and litter growth in mice
The influence of high-carbohydrate meals with different glycaemic indices on substrate utilisation during subsequent exercise
Butyrate is only one of several growth inhibitors produced during gut flora-mediated fermentation of dietary fibre sources
The effect of feeding structured triacylglycerols enriched in eicosapentaenoic or docosahexaenoic acids on murine splenocyte fatty acid composition and leucocyte phagocytosis
Iron absorption from ferrous fumarate in adult women is influenced by ascorbic acid but not by Na2EDTA
Number of days, number of subjects, and sources of variation in longitudinal intervention or crossover feeding trials with multiple days of measurement
Feeding difficulties in disabled children leads to malnutrition : experience in an Indian slum
Daily protein intakes and eating patterns in young and elderly French
Total-diet study : dietary intakes of macro elements and trace elements in Italy
Nutritional status of preschool Senegalese children : long-term effects of early severe malnutrition
Body composition and physical activity in New Zealand Maori, Pacific and European children aged 5–14 years
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