Obesity – what role now for nutritional science?
Plasma cytokine response during the postprandial period
Whole-grain rye and wheat alkylresorcinols are incorporated into human erythrocyte membranes
Inverse association between body mass and frequency of milk consumption in children
Effects of Si-Jun-Zi decoction polysaccharides on cell migration and gene expression in wounded rat intestinal epithelial cells
Folate supplementation increases genomic DNA methylation in the liver of elder rats
Transient changes of transforming growth factor-β expression in the small intestine of the pig in association with weaning
Is gastric ulceration different in normal and malnourished rats?
Differences in labelled triolein turnover after oral administration between liver and adipose tissue of rats
Retinoid metabolism in the rat small intestine
Iron availability of a fortified processed wheat cereal
Evidence in support of a role for plant-mediated proteolysis in the rumens of grazing animals
Influence of dietary spices on the fluidity of erythrocytes in hypercholesterolaemic rats
Daily intake of a formulated tomato drink affects carotenoid plasma and lymphocyte concentrations and improves cellular antioxidant protection
BMI and morbidity in relation to body composition
Interactions between traditional regional determinants and socio-economic status on dietary patterns in a sample of French men
The relation between alcohol intake and physical activity and the fatty acids 14:0, 15:0 and 17:0 in serum phospholipids and adipose tissue used as markers for dairy fat intake
Fasting plasma zeaxanthin response to Fructus barbarum L. (wolfberry; Kei Tze) in a food-based human supplementation trial
Acute administration of red yeast rice (Monascus purpureus) depletes tissue coenzyme Q10 levels in ICR mice
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