Carbohydrate bioavailability
The expression of growth-arrest genes in the liver and kidney of the protein-restricted rat fetus
The feeding route (enteral or parenteral) affects the plasma response of the dipetide Ala-Gln and the amino acids glutamine, citrulline and arginine, with the administration of Ala-Gln in preoperative patients
Propionate precursors and other metabolic intermediates as possible alternative electron acceptors to methanogenesis in ruminal fermentation in vitro
Changes in arterial blood pressure in hypertensive rats caused by long-term intake of milk fermented by Enterococcus faecalis CECT 5728
Effect of starch on the cariogenic potential of sucrose
The enhancing effects of a chicken-meat extract on serum Ig concentrations in normal and scalded animals
Metabolisable energy consumption in the exclusively breast-fed infant aged 3–6 months from the developed world : a systematic review
Influence of flavomycin on microbial numbers, microbial metabolism and gut tissue protein turnover in the digestive tract of sheep
Effects of disodium fumarate on in vitro rumen microbial growth, methane production and fermentation of diets differing in their forage : concentrate ratio
Pork meat increases iron absorption from a 5-day fully controlled diet when compared to a vegetarian diet with similar vitamin C and phytic acid content
Antihypertensive effect of casein hydrolysate in a placebo-controlled study in subjects with high-normal blood pressure and mild hypertension
Comparative 2H-labelled α-tocopherol biokinetics in plasma, lipoproteins, erythrocytes, platelets and lymphocytes in normolipidaemic males
Dietary patterns among older Europeans : the EPIC-Elderly study
Comparison of methods to estimate non-milk extrinsic sugars and their application to sugars in the diet of young adolescents
Antioxidant status and risk of cancer in the SU.VI.MAX study : is the effect of supplementation dependent on baseline levels?
The use of glycaemic index tables to predict glycaemic index of breakfast meals
The use of glycaemic index tables to predict glycaemic index of breakfast meals
Nutrition and Metabolism