Fatal flaw in the fetal argument
Effects of supplemental cystine or methionine on growth and lifespan of stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats
Vegetable lipid sources affect in vitro biosynthesis of triacylglycerols and phospholipids in the intestine of sea bream (Sparus aurata)
Effect of dietary quercetin and sphingomyelin on intestinal nutrient absorption and animal growth
Protective effect of dietary long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on bone loss in gonad-intact middle-aged male rats
Duodenal flow and digestibility in fauna-free sheep and in sheep monofaunated with Entodinium caudatum or Polyplastron multivesiculatum
Bioavailability of α-tocopherol stereoisomers in rats depends on dietary doses of all-rac- or RRR-α-tocopheryl acetate
High-viscosity carboxymethylcellulose reduces carbachol-stimulated intestinal chloride secretion in weaned piglets fed a diet based on skimmed milk powder and maltodextrin
Effects of added fruits and vegetables on dietary intakes and body weight in Scottish adults
The influence of birth weight and genetic factors on lipid levels
Low folic acid status and its association with anaemia in urban adolescent girls and women of childbearing age in Sri Lanka
Polyunsaturated fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid isomers in breast milk are associated with plasma non-esterified and erythrocyte membrane fatty acid composition in lactating women
Influence of an algal triacylglycerol containing docosahexaenoic acid (22: 6n-3) and docosapentaenoic acid (22: 5n-6) on cardiovascular risk factors in healthy men and women
The efficacy of ferrous bisglycinate and electrolytic iron as fortificants in bread in iron-deficient school children
Dairy products, calcium and phosphorus intake, and the risk of prostate cancer
Sources of saturated fatty acids in Belgian adolescents' diet
Monitoring food and nutrient availability in a nationally representative sample of Bolivian households
Health and nutrition education in primary schools in Crete
Asparagus adscendens (Shweta musali) stimulates insulin secretion, insulin action and inhibits starch digestion
Calcium deficiency-induced secondary hyperparathyroidism and osteopenia are rapidly reversible with calcium supplementation in growing rabbit pups
Yoghurt accelerates the recovery of defence mechanisms against Streptococcus pneumoniae in protein-malnourished mice
Dietary risk factors for the emergence of type 1 diabetes-related autoantibodies in 2½ -year-old Swedish children
A reduced protein diet induces stearoyl-CoA desaturase protein expression in pig muscle but not in subcutaneous adipose tissue
Phytosterol-mediated inhibition of intestinal cholesterol absorption is independent of ATP-binding cassette transporter A1
Effects of fatty acids on skeletal muscle cell differentiation in vitro
Accelerometry combined with heart rate telemetry in the assessment of total energy expenditure
Accuracy of food intake reporting in obese subjects with metabolic risk factors
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