No effect of increased water intake on blood viscosity and cardiovascular risk factors
Conventional and real-time polymerase chain reaction assessment of the fate of transgenic DNA in sheep fed Roundup Ready® rapeseed meal
Palmitic acid increase levels of pancreatic duodenal homeobox-1 and p38/stress-activated protein kinase in islets from rats maintained on a low protein diet
Genetic and environmental contributions to serum ascorbic acid concentrations : the Stanislas Family Study
Hypolipidaemic effect of chemically different mucilages in rats : a comparative study
Long-term consequences of under-nutrition during suckling on glucose tolerance and lipoprotein profile in female and male rats
Zn-limited diet modifies the expression of the rate-regulatory enzymes involved in phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol synthesis
The fatty acid pattern of dietary fat influences the oral bioavailability of the flavonol quercetin in pigs
Serum free testosterone, leptin and soluble leptin receptor changes in a 6-week strength-training programme
Effect of diet composition on pregnancy outcome in overnourished rapidly growing adolescent sheep
Overweight induced by high-fat diet delays rat cutaneous wound healing
The influence of inulin on the absorption of nitrogen and the production of metabolites of protein fermentation in the colon
Influence of Ramadan-type fasting on enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism and brush border membrane in small intestine and liver of rat used as a model
Impact of dietary counselling on nutrient intake during pregnancy : a prospective cohort study
Comparative dietary intake and sources of phylloquinone (vitamin K1) among British adults in 1986–7 and 2000–1
Plasma phylloquinone (vitamin K1) concentration and its relationship to intake in British adults aged 19–64 years
Anthocyanin-rich purple potato flake extract has antioxidant capacity and improves antioxidant potential in rats
Levels of serum transferrin receptor and its response to Fe-supplement in Fe-deficient children
Skeletal site-dependent response of bone mineral density and quantitative ultrasound parameters following a 12-month dietary intervention using dairy products fortified with calcium and vitamin D : the Postmenopausal Health Study
Parental feeding style, energy intake and weight status in young Scottish children
Perceived body size and desire for thinness of young Japanese women : a population-based survey
Validation of foot-to-foot bioelectrical impedance analysis with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry in the assessment of body composition in young children : the EarlyBird cohort
Fatal flaw in the fetal argument
Fatal flaw in the fetal argument
Adequacy of exclusive breast-feeding in 6-month-old infants
Re-defining Mineral Nutrition
Dietary Supplements and Functional Foods