A systematic review of dietary assessments of pregnant adolescents in industrialised countries
Low-dose pancreatic polypeptide inhibits food intake in man
Alcohol consumption and distinct molecular pathways to colorectal cancer
Dietary protein restriction of pregnant rats in the F0 generation induces altered methylation of hepatic gene promoters in the adult male offspring in the F1 and F2 generations
Differential effect of dietary antioxidant classes (carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamins C and E) on lutein absorption
Attenuation of monocyte adhesion and oxidised LDL uptake in luteolin-treated human endothelial cells exposed to oxidised LDL
p-Coumaric acid, a common dietary phenol, inhibits platelet activity in vitro and in vivo
Effect of dehydroepiandrosterone on protein and fat digestibility, body protein and muscular composition in high-fat-diet-fed old rats
Effects of low- and high-volume resistance exercise on postprandial lipaemia
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Metabolism of flavone C-glucosides and p-coumaric acid from antioxidant of bamboo leaves (AOB) in rats
Continuous infusion of lipoic acid rapidly reduces plasma β-hydroxybutyrate with elevation of non-esterified fatty acids in broiler chickens
The fatty acid composition of muscle and adipose tissue of steers offered unwilted or wilted grass silage supplemented with sunflower oil and fishoil
Soluble dietary fibre fraction of Trigonella foenum-graecum (fenugreek) seed improves glucose homeostasis in animal models of type 1 and type 2 diabetes by delaying carbohydrate digestion and absorption, and enhancing insulin action
Changes in intestinal microbiota and humoral immune response following probiotic administration in brown trout (Salmo trutta)
Blood serum interferon-γ bioactivity is low in weanling mice subjected to acute deficits of energy or both protein and energy
Differential effects of dietary whey, casein and soya on colonic DNA damage and large bowel SCFA in rats fed diets low and high in resistant starch
Serum prohepcidin concentration
Six months supplementation with conjugated linoleic acid induces regional-specific fat mass decreases in overweight and obese
Validation of a FFQ to estimate the intake of PUFA using plasma phospholipid fatty acids and weighed foods records
Age-- and sex--dependent effects of long--term zinc supplementation on essential trace element status and lipid metabolism in European subjects
Increased satiety after intake of a chocolate milk drink compared with a carbonated beverage, but no difference in subsequent ad libitum lunch intake
Effects of a healthy meal course on spontaneous energy intake, satiety and palatability