The well tempered crystal ball in normal tension glaucoma
Clinical factors influencing the visual prognosis of the fellow eyes of normal tension glaucoma patients with unilateral field loss
Is a tight patch necessary after trabeculectomy?
"Orientation teeth" in non-mechanical laser corneal trephination for penetrating keratoplasty: 2.94 μm Er:YAG v 193 nm ArF excimer laser
LASIK for post penetrating keratoplasty astigmatism and myopia
Microbial decontamination of human donor eyes with povidone-iodine: penetration, toxicity, and effectiveness
Risk factors for treatment outcome of suspected microbial keratitis
Comparison of dacryocystography and lacrimal scintigraphy in the diagnosis of functional nasolacrimal duct obstruction
Visual outcome after phacoemulsification and IOL implantation in diabetic patients
Diabetic versus non-diabetic colour vision after cataract surgery
Treatment of retinal tears and lattice degenerations in fellow eyes in high risk patients suffering retinal detachment: a prospective study
Intravitreal dexamethasone in exogenous bacterial endophthalmitis: results of a prospective randomised study
Effect of panretinal photocoagulation on serum levels of laminin in patients with diabetes: a prospective study
Everting suture correction of lower lid involutional entropion
Concentration dependent effects of hydrogen peroxide on lens epithelial cells
α/β- and γ/δ TCR+ lymphocyte infiltration in necrotising choroidal melanomas
IL-4 regulates chemokine production induced by TNF-α in keratocytes and corneal epithelial cells
Culture and characterisation of epithelial cells from human pterygia
Hypertension and diabetic retinopathy-what's the story?
Surgically removed submacular nematode
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Clinical course of acute zonal occult outer retinopathy in visual field and multifocal electroretinogram
Hypotonic maculopathy following pneumatic retinopexy: a UBM study
Bilateral electrical cataract
Monckeberg's sclerosis in temporal artery biopsy specimens
Retinal vascular abnormality in Poland's syndrome
Bilateral optic disc oedema associated with latanoprost
Somatostatin scan positive gastrinoma ocular metastasis
Retinal neovascularisation in Goltz syndrome (focal dermal hypoplasia)
Retinitis sclopeteria associated with airbag inflation
Specular microscopic findings of corneal deposits in patients with Bietti's crystalline corneal retinal dystrophy
Paediatric neuro-Behçet's disease presenting with optic nerve head swelling
Should diabetic patients be screened for glaucoma?
Should diabetic patients be screened for glaucoma?
Hertel exophthalmometry: the most appropriate measuring technique
Histological Typing of Tumours of the Eye and its Adnexa.
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