Choroidal folds and papilloedema

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AimsTo assess the clinical and fluorescein angiographic features of choroidal folds seen in association with papilloedema.MethodsIn a retrospective study, the clinical data from a database on patients with choroidal folds (1963-97), including fundus photography and fluorescein angiography, from 32 patients (64 eyes) with choroidal folds in association with papilloedema were reviewed. The clinical and fluorescein angiographic features and the clinical course of choroidal folds in these patients are described.Results32 patients had choroidal folds associated with papilloedema. Folds of two distinct categories were observed, either coarse folds or wrinkles. The folds persisted in all cases, even after resolution of papilloedema. Follow up ranged from 1 month to 20 years. Only one patient suffered permanent visual impairment as a result of a choroidal fold.ConclusionsChoroidal folds exist in two forms, coarse folds and wrinkles. They persist even after papilloedema has resolved. Final visual acuity did not appear to be affected by the presence of choroidal folds in the majority of patients.

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