Myopia: was mother right about reading in the dark?
Evolving pathophysiological paradigms for age related macular degeneration
Professionally led regulation in medicine
Prevention strategies for age related cataract: present limitations and future possibilities
Myopia in Singapore: taking a public health approach
1st Asia Pacific Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care Three day conference Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 September 2001 Sydney, Australia
Myopia and night lighting in children in Singapore
Factors affecting pulsatile ocular blood flow in normal subjects
Pulsatile ocular blood flow study: decreases in exudative age related macular degeneration
Corneal irregular astigmatism after laser in situ keratomileusis for myopia
A randomised, double masked, clinical trial of high dose vitamin A and vitamin E supplementation after photorefractive keratectomy
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Outcome of lens aspiration and intraocular lens implantation in children aged 5 years and under
Silicone oil-intraocular lens interaction: which lens to use?
Primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment: 20 years of change
Peripheral visual field defects after macular hole surgery: a complication with decreasing incidence
Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi DNA in urine of patients with ocular Lyme borreliosis
The rhomboid flap in medial canthal reconstruction
Psychiatric sequelae and psychosocial adjustment following ocular trauma: a retrospective pilot study
Mosaicking and enhancement of slit lamp biomicroscopic fundus images
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Cover illustration: An eye for an eye
Amniotic membrane transplantation for partial limbal stem cell deficiency
Famciclovir for ophthalmic zoster: a randomised aciclovir controlled study
Computer modelling of a cataract waiting list
Discrimination between normal and glaucomatous eyes with visual field and scanning laser polarimetry measurements
Passive permeability and outward active transport of fluorescein across the blood-retinal barrier in early ARM
Major orbital complications of endoscopic sinus surgery
The long term outcome of limbal allografts: the search for surviving cells
Trehalose protects corneal epithelial cells from death by drying
Apoptosis mediates decrease in cellularity during the regression of Arthus reaction in cornea
Is a one eyed racing driver safe to compete? Formula one (eye) or two?
Primary sebaceous carcinoma of the lacrimal gland
Congenital circumscribed choroidal haemangioma associated with infantile hepatic haemangioendotheliomatosis
Echographic localisation of corticosteroid after retrobulbar injection
Early wound dehiscence with use of hydroxyapatite orbital implant covered with calf pericardium
Wegener's granulomatosis as a cause of cicatrising conjunctivitis
An unusual presentation of diabetic neuropathy
Bilateral acute retinal necrosis and herpes simplex type 2 encephalitis in a neonate
Surgical excision, autolimbal transplantation, and mitomycin C in the treatment of conjunctival and corneal intraepithelial neoplasia
Bilateral granulomatous uveitis in association with common variable immunodeficiency
A postoperative complication far worse than endophthalmitis: the coexistence of orbital cellulitis
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