New series on management controversies in ophthalmology
Retinopathy of prematurity—the “second lull”?
Who needs an iridotomy?
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Sir Harold Ridley's vision
Cover illustration: Be on the lookout . . .
Blindness in children: control priorities and research opportunities
A randomised trial of the effect of intraoperative 5-FU on the outcome of trabeculectomy in east Africa
Ipsilateral limbal translocation for treatment of partial limbal deficiency secondary to ocular alkali burn
Influence of glistenings on the optical quality of acrylic foldable intraocular lens
Results of vitrectomy performed at the time of phacoemulsification complicated by intravitreal lens fragments
7th European Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care 21–23 March 2002 Edinburgh, Scotland
Surgical removal of subfoveal choroidal neovascularisation in highly myopic patients
Is the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood related to the development of retinopathy of prematurity?
Rhodopsin mutations in Chinese patients with retinitis pigmentosa
Ascertainment of children with congenital cataract through the National Congenital Anomaly System in England and Wales
Comparison between anisometropic and strabismic amblyopia using functional magnetic resonance imaging
Anomalies of binocular function in patients with longstanding asymmetric keratoconus
Steroid management in giant cell arteritis
Failure of amniotic membrane transplantation in the treatment of acute ocular burns
Treatment of fungal keratitis by penetrating keratoplasty
Evaluation of potential organ culture media for eye banking using human donor corneas
Quantification of the ultraviolet radiation (UVR) field in the human eye in vivo using novel instrumentation and the potential benefits of UVR blocking hydrogel contact lens
Histological findings of surgically excised choroidal neovascular membranes after photodynamic therapy
Optical coherence tomography of the vitreoretinal interface in macular hole formation
Deletion in the OA1 gene in a family with congenital X linked nystagmus
Effect of ABO blood group mismatching on corneal epithelial cells: an in vitro study
Pentoxifylline influences the autocrine function of organ cultured donor corneas and enhances endothelial cell survival
Impression cytology following mitomycin C therapy for ocular surface squamous neoplasia
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Astigmatism and the analysis of its surgical correction
Bilateral retinal detachments at birth: the osteoporosis pseudoglioma syndrome
Emmetropisation after Molteno implant insertion for buphthalmos
Cerebral venous thrombosis presenting as acute visual loss
Electrophysiological abnormalities following intravitreal vitravene (ISIS 2922) in two patients with CMV retinitis
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