Use of Lea symbols in young children
BJO at a glance
Gene therapy: new “magic bullets” to prevent ocular scarring
Validity of the time trade-off and standard gamble methods of utility assessment in retinal patients
Through a lens sharply
Blindness and visual impairment in the Americas and the Caribbean
A population based eye survey of older adults in Tirunelveli district of south India: blindness, cataract surgery, and visual outcomes
Examination of young children with Lea symbols
S antigen specific effector T cell activation detected by cytokine flow cytometry
High dose intravenous steroid therapy for severe posterior segment uveitis in Behçet's disease
An evaluation of the administration of sub-Tenon local anaesthesia by a nurse practitioner
Intravitreal triamcinolone in subfoveal recurrence of choroidal neovascularisation after laser treatment in macular degeneration
Effect of prior steroid treatment on temporal artery biopsy findings in giant cell arteritis
External dacryocystorhinostomy for the treatment of acquired partial nasolacrimal obstruction in adults
Acanthamoeba keratitis in England and Wales: incidence, outcome, and risk factors
Does prospective monitoring improve cataract surgery outcomes in Africa?
Childbearing and risk of cataract in young women: an epidemiological study in central India
The effects of new topical treatments on management of glaucoma in Scotland: an examination of ophthalmological health care
Optic disc cup slope and visual field indices in normal, ocular hypertensive and early glaucomatous eyes
Frequency of testing for detecting visual field progression
A prospective, case controlled study of the natural history of diabetic retinopathy and maculopathy after uncomplicated phacoemulsification cataract surgery in patients with type 2 diabetes
Clinical characteristics of retinal venous occlusions occurring at different sites
A new delivery system for 5-fluorouracil using prodrug and converting enzyme
The sclera, the prion, and the ophthalmologist
Needle aspiration of a traumatic subperiosteal haematoma of the orbit
Stellate tarsoconjunctival lesions in ocular adenoviral infection
Drug induced acute myopia with supraciliary choroidal effusion in a patient with Wegener's granulomatosis
Cutaneous presentation of orbital follicular lymphoma: clinical differential diagnosis with lymphocytoma cutis
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