Retinal nerve fibre layer loss in diabetes mellitus without retinopathy
BJO at a glance
Surgery for glaucoma in the 21st century
Antique ophthalmic instruments and books: the Royal College Museum
I'll try to accommodate you
Visual impairment and blindness in Europe and their prevention
Models for improving cataract surgical rates in southern China
Retinal nerve fibre layer loss in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus without retinopathy
A novel mutation in KRT12 associated with Meesmann's epithelial corneal dystrophy
Role of argon laser trabeculoplasty as primary and secondary therapy in open angle glaucoma in Indian patients
Two types of optical coherence tomographic images of retinal pigment epithelial detachments with different prognosis
Ophthalmopathy in childhood Graves' disease
Low vision services for vision rehabilitation in the United Kingdom
A randomised, prospective study comparing trabeculectomy augmented with antimetabolites with a viscocanalostomy technique for the management of open angle glaucoma uncontrolled by medical therapy
Polymerase chain reaction based detection of fungi in infected corneas
Use of high spatial resolution perimetry to identify scotomata not apparent with conventional perimetry in the nasal field of glaucomatous subjects
Distributions of p53 codon 72 polymorphism in primary open angle glaucoma
Retrobulbar circulation in myopic patients with or without myopic choroidal neovascularisation
Cardiovascular risk assessment in patients with retinal vein occlusion
Perceived quality of health care in macular disease: a survey of members of the Macular Disease Society
Aetiology of congenital and paediatric cataract in an Australian population
A randomised controlled trial of written information: the effect on parental non-concordance with occlusion therapy
Analysis of the results of surgical endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy: effect of the level of obstruction
Prevalence of visual impairment in people aged 75 years and older in Britain: results from the MRC trial of assessment and management of older people in the community
Automated tri-image analysis of stored corneal endothelium
Comparative experiments for in vivo fibroplasia and biological stability of four porous polymers intended for use in the Seoul-type keratoprosthesis
The surgical correction of moderate hypermetropia: the management controversy
Glaucoma: squaring the psychophysics and neurobiology
Histopathological findings in filtering blebs with recurrent blebitis
Retinal detachment surgery in district general hospitals: an audit of changing practice
Do climatic variables influence the development of posterior vitreous detachment?
Ocular and systemic posaconazole(SCH-56592) treatment of invasive Fusarium solani keratitis and endophthalmitis
World Sight Day and cataract blindness
Failure of amniotic membrane transplantation in the treatment of acute ocular burns
"No-needle" sub-Tenon's anaesthesia
Trachoma and recurrent trichiasis
Role of autologous serum in persistent epithelial defects
A re-analysis of astigmatism correction
The Hole In My Vision: An Artist's View of His Own Macular Degeneration.
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