The SERI-ARVO Meeting and future challenges of ophthalmic research in Asia
BJO at a glance
Primary care in ophthalmology
Behçet's syndrome
Is medicolegal work a duty?
Is medicolegal work a duty?
Is ophthalmology evidence based? A clinical audit of the emergency unit of a regional eye hospital
Look before you leap
Unilateral visual impairment and health related quality of life: the Blue Mountains Eye Study
Risk factors for conjunctival squamous cell neoplasia: a matched case-control study
Ocular biometry in occludable angles and angle closure glaucoma: a population based survey
Associations of selected medications and visual function: the Beaver Dam Eye Study
Confocal microscopy of Aspergillus fumigatus keratitis
Pulverulent cataract with variably associated microcornea and iris coloboma in a MAF mutation family
Comparison of algorithms for detection of localised nerve fibre layer defects using scanning laser polarimetry
Amiodarone induced optic neuropathy
Human recombinant interferon alfa-2a for the treatment of Behçet's disease with sight threatening posterior or panuveitis
Effects of lamellar keratotomy on postkeratoplasty astigmatism
A comparative bioavailability study of three conventional eye drops versus a single lyophilisate
Five year results of viscocanalostomy
Awareness of glaucoma, and health beliefs of patients suffering primary acute angle closure
Five year risk of progression of primary angle closure suspects to primary angle closure: a population based study
Correlation of a scanning laser derived oedema index and visual function following grid laser treatment for diabetic macular oedema
Intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide for exudative age related macular degeneration
Risk factors for age related maculopathy in a Japanese population: the Hisayama study
Progession of phenotype in Leber’s congenital amaurosis with a mutation at the LCA5 locus
Suppressive effects of selectin inhibitor SKK-60060 on the leucocyte infiltration during endotoxin induced uveitis
Lipopolysaccharide/interferon-γ and not transforming growth factor β inhibits retinal microglial migration from retinal explant
Laser photocoagulation alters the pattern of staining for neurotrophin-4, GFAP, and CD68 in human retina
Primary care and ophthalmology in the United Kingdom
Wegener's granulomatosis
Pigmentary retinopathy, macular oedema, and abnormal ERG with mitotane treatment
Coxsackievirus B4 associated uveoretinitis in an adult
Evaluation of telemedicine for slit lamp examination of the eye following cataract surgery
Inherited retinal dystrophy and asymmetric axial length
Adenoma of ciliary pigment epithelium: a case series
Phenylephrine 2.5% and 10% in phacoemulsification under topical anaesthesia: is there an effect on systemic blood pressure?
Effect of preoperative detection of photoreceptor displacement on postoperative foveal findings in eyes with idiopathic macular hole
Nodular scleritis in a patient with sarcoidosis
Panophthalmitis following contact diode laser cyclophotocoagulation in a patient with failed trabeculectomy and trabeculotomy for congenital glaucoma
Bilaminar interepithelial bodies within fingerprint dystrophy-like changes in bilateral iridocorneal endothelial syndrome
Fine retinal crystalline deposits observed by confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopic examination using infrared light
Tonic pupils from giant cell arteritis
Frozen cucumber as a mount for processing vitreoretinal specimens
Inflammatory optic neuropathy as the presenting feature of herpes simplex acute retinal necrosis
Cutaneous angiosarcoma of the eyelids
Permanent visual loss in a child with a rash
Those excrescences on Descemet's membrane
Acanthamoeba keratitis
Surgery for glaucoma
A randomised controlled trial of written information
Ocular and financial health
Ocular Pathology, 5th ed.
The History of Strabismology: Hirschberg History of Ophthalmology: The Monographs.
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