Central serous chorioretinopathy
BJO at a glance
Second generation vital stains in retinal surgery
Too dry or not too dry
Extracapsular cataract surgery compared with manual small incision cataract surgery in community eye care setting in western India: a randomised controlled trial
The Armenian Eye Care Project: surgical outcomes of complicated paediatric glaucoma
Low vision and blindness in adults in Gurage Zone, central Ethiopia
Heavenly rings
A clinical follow up of PRK and LASIK in eyes with preoperative abnormal corneal topographies
H626R and R124C mutations of the TGFBI (BIGH3) gene caused lattice corneal dystrophy in Vietnamese people
A comparison of perimetric results with the Medmont and Humphrey perimeters
Comparison of localised nerve fibre layer defects in normal tension glaucoma and primary open angle glaucoma
Transcaruncular approach for the management of frontoethmoid mucoceles
Psychosomatic aspects in patients with central serous chorioretinopathy
Features of abnormal choroidal circulation in central serous chorioretinopathy
Double vital staining using trypan blue and infracyanine green in macular pucker surgery
Visual performance after interface haemorrhage during laser in situ keratomileusis
Intraocular pressure and visual field loss in primary angle closure and primary open angle glaucomas
Interobserver agreement on visual field progression in glaucoma: a comparison of methods
Colour Doppler imaging and fluorescein filling defects of the optic disc in normal tension glaucoma
Epiretinal membrane removal in diabetic eyes: comparison of viscodissection with conventional methods of membrane peeling
Extent of foveal tritanopia in diabetes mellitus
Assessment of colour vision as a screening test for sight threatening diabetic retinopathy before loss of vision
The effects of dorzolamide on choroidal and retinal perfusion in non-exudative age related macular degeneration
Morphological and functional analyses of adult onset vitelliform macular dystrophy
Is granuloma annulare related to intermediate uveitis with retinal vasculitis?
The clinical features of albinism and their correlation with visual evoked potentials
Impact of smoking on the response to treatment of thyroid associated ophthalmopathy
Architecture of arachnoid trabeculae, pillars, and septa in the subarachnoid space of the human optic nerve: anatomy and clinical considerations
Repair of a primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment
View 1: Minimal segmental buckling without drainage
View 2: The case for primary vitrectomy
View 3: The case for pneumatic retinopexy
Long term survival of patient with invasive aspergillosis involving orbit, paranasal sinus, and central nervous system
The effect of topical glaucoma medications evaluated by perimetry
Delayed therapeutic success with endoscopic cyclophoto-coagulation in treating refractory post-penetrating keratoplasty glaucoma
Simultaneous presentation of choroidal melanoma in mother and daughter
Relative hypersensitivity in healthy eye by frequency doubling perimetry in patients with severely damaged contralateral eye
Solitary choroidal tuberculoma in a patient with chest wall tuberculosis
Giant neurosensory detachments associated with disciform lesions in neovascular age related macular degeneration
Successful photodynamic therapy for subretinal neovascularisation due to Sorsby's fundus dystrophy: 1 year follow up
Association of HLA type and Mooren's Ulcer in Chinese in Taiwan
Corneal endothelial deposits secondary to rifabutin prophylaxis for Mycobacterium avium complex bacteraemia
Corneal ectasia following deep lamellar keratoplasty
Opacification of SC60B-OUV lens implant following routine phacoemulsification surgery: case report and EM study
Isolated foveal retinoschisis as a cause of visual loss in young females
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